Sew me back together ,if you can



8. Bruised

"Come in"I here.I open the door to see spencer on his bed with his open labtop.i closed the door behind me and walked over and sat on the edge of the bed beside him.I noticed he had been crying because of his red puffy eyes."your name should be jade"he said in a low voice."because of your eyes,their green"he said then looked at me waiting for response."thank you I love the name"I said with a little smile.he also smiled a tiny bit.I took off my shirt because I was getting hot.Don't worry I have a tank top under.i leaned over to take off my shoes not realizing spencer was starring at my bruises all over my back.then out of no where I feel the back if my tank top go was spencer trying to see if their was more bruises or scars."what are you doing I said pulling my shirt back down and turning his way.but he stayed silent and just gave me a what happened look."it was my mom" I said.he had an angry expression on."she's been beating on me and punishing me for tiny mistakes since I was three,which is when my dad died"I said with a tear rolling down my face."she blamed me and she turned me sister against me too"I said whimpering."she's the one who put me in the dumpster"I said breaking down and crying,she makes me sit in a corner hoping one day I would just d-"I said also getting cut off.he placed his hand over my mouth."don't say that"he said.

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