Sew me back together ,if you can



2. Alone

"Mom please don't leave me in here"I screamed."don't call me mom you piece of shit ,and you know where shit belongs"."it belongs in a dumpster"she started to laugh and then I hear her car door open."please"I whimper. "this is what happens when you make mistakes bitch"."Next time it is going to be worse,and if you want to get home WALK".Then I hear her car door close and her car drive off.Man I messed up now,this is the worst punishment I've ever gotten.Last time she locked me in the bathroom for a week and I had only water from the sink.Why did I accidentally knock her glass of water down,And why am I so damn clumsy.

Introduction time-

Hi my name is ,well I don't really have one.My mom says that unimportant it's(yea she called me an it) don't need names.Well I'm 15 and I have one sibling who also hate me.The only person who love me is my dad.But he died twelve years ago,because of that my mom became an alcoholic.She also needed someone to blame so she blamed me and that's why she is so abusive toward me.As you can see I'm not aloud to call her mom,I have to call her by her first name.So I'm going to describe what I look like,I have black long curly hair and my eyes are green and I'm kind of 5.4 and I weigh about 90 pounds.Im pretty light and that made it easier for my mom,I mean Mary to throw me in here.

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