Hired for Hemmings

Jasmine Grace, a nineteen normal girl, who has always done by ex-boyfriends...

Sure, she has her tough life.

When she's hired by Management of Luke' to be his girlfriend, her life is complete change...

She has to be 'perfect girlfriend', not be herself.

There have pressure, hate, and judgment on her for long.

But can she manage that thing?

More importantly, what happens when the contract is over?


1. Prologue

Hired for Hemmings


Jasmine POV

I sigh sadly.

I never thought about it, become THE Luke Hemmings' girlfriend.

I would want to be, but I'm a deaf, average girl, bothered to him...

What if I will become his new 'Girlfriend', will I have hate and judgment?

I sigh sadly.

But right now, I will be thinking about that and...

What if I say no, what will happen?

He probably will be finding another girl, I think.


So sorry for short prologue!


Just making sure you see the same thing because otherwise if you see it, I will probably delete it.

Welcome to my book.

See you soon!

Take care! Xxx

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