Hired for Hemmings

Jasmine Grace, a nineteen normal girl, who has always done by ex-boyfriends...

Sure, she has her tough life.

When she's hired by Management of Luke' to be his girlfriend, her life is complete change...

She has to be 'perfect girlfriend', not be herself.

There have pressure, hate, and judgment on her for long.

But can she manage that thing?

More importantly, what happens when the contract is over?


6. Chapter 5 - Concert!

Hired For Hemmings


Jasmine POV

After that happening way fast, I walk back slowly to sit on my chair and turn around to see Sadie as she looks confused.

They will announcement me as Luke's girlfriend after the concert's finish!

I know!

I look like I saw a ghost but she read my facial expression, and Sadie looks at me at the same time.

I can't tell her all about the contract, but you all know that.

"What took you so long to make toilet? Why are they late? And why do you look like you've seen a ghost?" She asks so many questions as she looks suspense.

I want to tell her all about that but I can't, and you know that I can't tell her because Adam said so.

After I spill it out toward my dearest best friend, she probably told everyone in social media and ruined our contract.

I sigh sadly, and we look at each other.

Well, lied to her possible take it down.

"Well, you know that I took a bathroom, then I talk to someone that like this band, and this member, Luke Hemmings." I lied.

She shouldn't take it but she took it pretty well, and I still want to tell her.

Liar, liar pants on fire!

I know you could say that but you know I took it very seriously as Adam told me what to do!

Then, a text message sent me by vibrate, and I look at the phone screen.

Maybe you should know about vibrate.

Many deaf people can't hear or look at you after you call their names, they only can be feeling, and you can allow patting on the should or you could wave your hand as they can see you.

Many people are likely to be hearing aid or not, and some of them are likely to cochlear implant like me.

We can choose.

'This is Adam, and this is your first task. As you do it as I've told you, I want you to wave back at Luke as he waves and look at you.' That was Adam send me a first text message.

I can't believe that!

Me, a 'girlfriend' of THE one and only, Luke Hemmings?

What am I thinking?

I don't think he could pick a wrong person, but I could take a fair that all of the girls could love him as his fans and who I am in the front of all the girls.

I sigh sadly, and I look up at the stage when the light turns off slowly. All fans start to crying and scream their names. 

So, they all are such a famous boyband, and I'm nobody to them when they look at me.

Of course, I'm the crazy person that I don't know all about Luke's life.

Just then, Ashton comes out first as the drummer, the song started, and then all of the rest boys come out second.

"Sorry about this delay time! Are you ready to rock it out?!" I think that was Calum yelled.

The fans scream as such as "Yes" and I didn't cry or say something.

"We can't hear you!" That was Luke yelled as he looks at me.

"Yes!" We scream.

He nods, and I shake my head as I roll my eyes.

I can't believe that he looks at me, can you?

He looks shocked to see me roll my eyes and I retake it like dramatically.

He winks his eyes once at me, and I blush as I look down on the ground.

Until then, someone interrupted our moment, and that was a lady who screams.

"Oh, my God! I can't believe it! Did you see it?! HE JUST GIVES ME A WINK!" She yells fangirl. 

Then I took a look on the woman's face that quick and I turn back to look down on the ground.

I wonder what if she was right, then what happens?

I know right!

We could be fighting, and I can't believe that I say it, this lady is so much pretty than me, to be honest. 

They continue to sing their songs as such as Try Hard, Long Way Home, She's Kinda Hot, What I Like About You and the final song is She Looks So Perfect. 

While they finished their last song, Luke gives me a waving hand, and I just remembered the text. 

Do I have to?

I shake my hand quickly, and I was embarrassing as I look around the people's eyes lock on me. 

I see hatred eyes and face as well.

I can hear their whispering behind me, and Sadie just looks at me as she didn't look hate but confused, yes!

I sigh sadly, and I look back at Luke's smiley face.

So will I have a hate or judgement?

The answers are yes!

I give him a straight face, and I look down on the ground when a beautiful woman calls me.

"Bitch! Why does he look at her?"

The coward in the concert was whispering turn into talking loud.


"Hey!" Luke shouts into the microphone while I look back at him.

To make the coward attention on him and make them quiet down.

Then he put his guitar down on the stage and pick his microphone with him while he jumps down on the ground.

Calum almost grab Luke's arm and 

"Dude!" Calum and Micheal call in unison.

Luke was actually in the field, and he was using his hand to touch my cheek.

Then, he was using his both hands after Luke ends to touch on my cheek and he signs accurately as I look at his hands.

"Hi. Are you okay?" 

With that, I nod, and we stared at each other in eye to eye until Ashton interrupted our moment as clear his throat.

"Your point? For... I don't know! Why are you on the ground?" That was Ashton asks into the microphone.

"Right! I don't want to see my new girlfriend sad and..." Luke says into the microphone as he grabs my hand.

I look up at him, and it will be making everyone to shock as I tried to stop him by saying 'Girlfriend', but it's too late!

With that, he drops the microphone on the ground, and he was using his hand to signing after he holds my hand.

"I love her!" Luke signs.

With that, I close my eyes slowly as I heard everyone sound shocked.


That's just an act!

I look at Sadie, and she looks at me as she looks disappointed.

I don't know what does Luke thinking.



Luke POV


I groan, and I look at myself in the dressing room as I see the mirror.

I don't want to say it in the front of people because of Adam; he's the one who told me what to do, not me.

I don't have a choice but continue to get the fans to attend on us, but it worked.

Then Adam enters the dressing room and sees me as I saw him in the mirror.

"Luke! First at all! Great! It was awesome!" He put his both hand up into the air.


I roll my eyes and shake my head sarcastically.

He likes it!

We don't!

And you know why?

Because of this, Calum storms in first and Adam looks confused!

"What the hell were you thinking?" Calum asks and shouts at the same time when Adam finishes his sentence.

And here it comes!

Adam was about to saying something but he stops himself, and it was Ashton's turn to storms in.

"We don't want you to spill it out for yourself! What's wrong with you?!" Ashton asks and shouts.

"That's right! You tell him!" Calum honours Ashton.

I put my hand up in the air as I don't want to hear what Adam says but it's Micheal's turn to attack in.

But he did with slamming the door!

Here it comes!

"What the hell was it? We told you not to tell them about that!" Micheal shouts and asks at the same time.


They complain about this.

Thank you!

"If you want to know..." I pause as I turn away from their sour face to see Adam's confused face.

"Ask him!"

They ask him their complicated question in once time, and I took a jacket on my shoulder slowly.

"Where do you think are you going?" Ashton asks. 

"Take 'Her' to her home and explained to her what happen. Now... Thank him! Because I've never felt embarrassing and you make it worse!" I say as I give Adam a snare glance.

"You're welcome! You know that I only give you, and her too, order as it was for more fans to come in this family." He says.

I sigh sadly, and everyone looks at me confusedly.

"Take 'Jasmine Grace'? Why?" Calum asks confusedly.

I look at Adam with my sour face, and they look back at Adam.

I shake my head, and with that, I start to walk away.

They're right.

What the hell am I thinking?

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