Hired for Hemmings

Jasmine Grace, a nineteen normal girl, who has always done by ex-boyfriends...

Sure, she has her tough life.

When she's hired by Management of Luke' to be his girlfriend, her life is complete change...

She has to be 'perfect girlfriend', not be herself.

There have pressure, hate, and judgment on her for long.

But can she manage that thing?

More importantly, what happens when the contract is over?


5. Chapter 4 - Sign me up!

Hired for Hemmings


Jasmine POV

I'm at the concert with Sadie and sit in the front row while I've been thinking about that.

Sadie say to me 'What was that about?' when I came to her. 

You know what I supposed to say, don't you? 

Okay, I'll tell you.

All I say is:

"Nothing! Just gave me a CD of 5 Second Of Summer and shirt after the break!" I sign with my yelled voice while the music was too loud.

I lied to her. 

I turn back to force on my thought, and I sigh sadly. 

She takes it, but I don't like to lie to the people that I knew. 

What's happening when I say no? 

Will they look for another deaf girl? 

I don't want to waste their times. 

Of course, I do want to help him but not becoming his 'Girlfriend'! 

I sigh sadly. 

The song already starts to coming along. 

It's called Disconnect.

Everyone starts to scream and to cry. 


I hope that would be over! 

I wonder if Luke's lovely blue eyes' locked on me again, will everyone know I'm his new 'Girlfriend'?

What am I saying?

Very classical, Jas! 

I sigh sadly. 

Then I will have hate and so much judgement from what did Luke's ex-girlfriend get.

I don't want to get it like her...

Of course not, I do not hate on her, but...

I sigh annoyingly, and I turn to see Sadie. 

I smile because I saw that she has tears in her eyes, and turn back to meet unexpected to see Luke's eyes' locked on me as I was shocked. 

Why does he doing that?! 

I'm not his new 'Girlfriend' yet! 

He gives me a smirk and gives me small waves at me. 

Again, why?! 

I was angry, and I look up at the big screen. 

I saw the big screen was a girl...

That was me. 

Surely, Adam didn't like it. 

I give him a nervous face back and wave back slowly. 


I was nervous. 

I sigh sadly, and I turn to see Sadie's sad face.

"It's nothing, trust me." I sign to Sadie.

I sigh sadly.

I wonder... 

What happening when I say yes? 


*3 hours later*


Through every song that they sang: Disconnect, Don't Stop, Heartbreak Girl, Hey Everybody, Voodoo Doll and Good Girl. 

Meanwhile from Good Girl, Luke was staring at me while he sang this song and I give him a demure look with my anger expression. 

After that song, they even have a break, and I sigh sadly. 

Well, I guess it is time. 

I make an excuse for going to the toilet, and she takes it. 

So, I went to the backstage again. 

I look around to find Adam, and when I found him, I walk toward where he stands there. 

I clear my throat loudly to make sure he heard me, and with that, he turns around to see me with the interpreter.

"Have you thought about that?" Adam says with the interpreter signs to me.

Oh, what point of it?!

"Yes. I have." I pause with a sad face.

I have been thinking about that!

Sadie, I'm sorry.

"Where do I sign up?" I sign.

I could see that Adam smiles when he hears from the interpreter and gives me a paper to point where am I sign. 

My name, Address and other things. 


My signature. 

I sigh sadly.

"Oh. I forget to tell you about that. Since you got to being Luke's girlfriend, you got pay nothing. But only if you broke-" Adam was cut out by someone wraps its hand around on my waist.

I was surprised by it. 

When Luke might spot at me after he might be looking for me, he walks behind towards where I stand here, and then he wraps his arm around my waist. 

I think it was Luke because I saw his pale skin on his hand.

"Hey, um..." Luke greets and pause because he didn't know my name.

Adam takes the contract paper from my hand when I look up at his face, and he looks down on the contract paper.

"Wow! Her name is so beautiful." He examined at my name.

"Then, what is it?" Luke asks excitedly.

He still has his arm around my waist.

Obviously, he's a famous man!

I sigh sadly as I look up at Luke's face and Adam at the same time.

With that, Adam looks up at him and says my name:

"Jasmine! Her name is Jasmine Grace."

I look up at Luke's surprised face, and he looks at me at the same time.

"Jasmine?" He calls out to me of my name.

I nod as I smiled a little and he smiles widely. 

Our face was so close.

"Oh, her age is one year younger than you," Adam examined as he looks on the paper again to see my ages.

We turn away to see his face at the same times.

"Are you ready? I think you are!" He asks me.

I sigh sadly at the same times that I nod slowly and look down on the ground. 

So, I think I am. 

I frown from my sad face to fake happy face and look at Adam.

"Also... If you, oh yeah, break up, you will pay it until three years will finish." He finished his sentence before.

I was about to say something but Luke stops me.

"I'm sure she won't do it. Right, Jasmine?" He talks to Adam and looks down at me as I look up at him. 

He wants to make sure that I understand. 

Not really. 

I nod without a voice. 

Luke's voice makes my heart raise crazy but meh!

I get used to it after all.

"See? She understands. Anyway..." Luke says.

One day, I wouldn't be his real girlfriend when the contract is over. 

That's what I wish. 

I look back at Luke's smile face, and he looks at me at the same time.

You know, I've never seen his real smile.

With that, he let his arm go from my waist and put his hand on my shoulder to turn around.

"Trust me. It'll be fun with me!" Luke signs with no voice.

I sigh sadly.


With him?

I don't think so...

And how the hell can he signs apparently?! 

"I have to go. Bye." Luke says flirty.

I waved my hand to him awkwardly and tried to give him my best smile face. 

That was most awkward of my life. 

He never does it like my ex-boyfriends in my past. 

With that, he turns around to walk away and get himself to be ready for the concert

I sigh sadly.

"Well then... I guess you have to get back on your seat." Adam orders me.

I nod as understanding and start to walk away from my seat. 

I sit my usual place and look at Sadie's confused face.

"What do you took so long?" Sadie signs.

"Nothing! It's just..." I don't know what to say but I continue "My hand getting wet again."

I know I must have to make up an excuse...

And I know I lied to her but she takes it.

It's good.

She nods.

"That's okay!" Sadie says.

The fans go too crazy when 5 Second Of Summer come along on the stage as I turn around to see the guys and Luke look at me all through the fans. 

He waves at me, and I wave back with my best smile. 

Am I the one who Luke wants to get a girl? 

Cos I was confused.

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