Hired for Hemmings

Jasmine Grace, a nineteen normal girl, who has always done by ex-boyfriends...

Sure, she has her tough life.

When she's hired by Management of Luke' to be his girlfriend, her life is complete change...

She has to be 'perfect girlfriend', not be herself.

There have pressure, hate, and judgment on her for long.

But can she manage that thing?

More importantly, what happens when the contract is over?


4. Chapter 3 - Contract?!

Hired for Hemmings


Jasmine POV

I walk to O2 Area with Sadie, it wasn't too far, and we used a car by a male who seem older. 


I don't know him! 

Only Sadie know him. 

She looks so excited! 

And there is me, not excited to see them. 

That's why I have to pretend that I'm a fan so everyone has seen me as I'm a fan of them. 

I can't believe I'm doing it! 

I look down on the ground, and I stop to walk at the front of the door. 

Good goodie! 

But I'm doing it for Sadie. 

I sigh sadly. 

I wouldn't be here because She forces me to go before she brought the tickets. 

I wish, for this time, she needs to notice that Luke's eyes' locked on me, maybe.

Sadie interrupts my thought. 

With that, she looks at me from the ground and breaks the silent moment. 

I didn't realise that we have silence moment.

"Are you coming?" She asks.

I snap it out with shake my head and look at her with her scared face. 

What up with that face?

"Yeah!" I start to walk away with Sadie.

"So, are you excited?" She asks excitedly.

How should I say no to her? 


I force to smile. 

What the hell was that, idiot's smile?

"Yes, really excited!" I lied.

Of course, I lied. 

I would be here for her.

 "And you have to chose by Luke Hemmings." She carries on.

 I was frozen by the entrance of backstage. 

Why the hell was that?

Why am I at the backstage early? 

With that, I start to walk in with Sadie.

 "Why?" I ask with a really quliet voice.

"Because you look really pretty. To way to ask you out." She smirks.

 I'm too shy to use my voice.

That makes me wonder why does Sadie force me to go. 

I chuckle softly and shake my head.

"No way! Remember that! I had lots of ex-boyfriends." I sign.

 "That one was a long time ago. Let it go!" She signs.

 Well, then! 

Since when she starts to respect? 


Every girl looks beautiful that I look around and they look shocked when they look at me. 

I wish I knew. 

Then every girl went silence and turn to see what's behind me that I got confused. 

I could see their face wide up from their happiness. 

With that, I start to turn around slowly to see what is this.

They're here!

5 Second Of Summer


Why are they here?

With their manager, Adam, on Ashton's left side and on Luke's right side, a man who is an interpreter

I wonder what was that?

"Thank you for coming." Adam thanks us.

He turns around to see Luke when he walks forward as the other stand behind him and I was confused.


I never get it!

"Luke and I were talking about something. When one girl's winner, I'll tell you what to do and rest of you enjoy the show and go home but right now, we need quietly and nice girl for Luke. Better than his stupid ex-girlfriend, Arzaylea! " Adam starts to explain at the same time when interpreter signs.

With that, when Adam says her name, every girl says 'Boo!' and I stay silent.

Who's Arzaylea?


She's the one who everyone hates, and she just ruins Luke's life, right?

Then Luke's eyes were moving on every girls' eyes. 

I knew it...

I knew he did it! 

When he almost saw me, I look away from his face quickly.

 "Why we introduce ourselves?" Adam says as he breaks the silence moment.

 I sigh exhaled. 

I wish it were over!

"So... Start with me. My name," Adam begin to introduce himself.

 "Is Adam Wilkinson. I'm 5 Second Of Summer's manager. Also now I'm Luke's manager if we find our girl." He carries on.

 I look around to see the girls nod and turn back to see the interpreter.

 "My name is Matt Watson. I'm an interpreter to deaf people." Matt signs with his voice.

 I sigh sadly, and I look around to see the girl was waiting for Luke's introduce.


With that, I roll my eyes, and I look back at Matt.

"Hi, girls! I'm Lu-"

Everyone except for Sadie and me run to Luke. 

I give her a questioning look when I look at Sadie, and she gives me a funny face. 

I shake my head, and I smile nicely. 

Lots of Security guys grab every girl to go the show.


Poor girls! 

So, that leaves us to Luke choose one of us. 

I sigh sadly and look down quickly when Luke walks to us closer and closer.

 "One of you will be a winner." He says slowly.

 He must notice that I look down on the ground and start to put his finger on my chin to look up at his face.

I gulp nervously, and Luke looks surprised to see me. 


He was speaking too fast for me to read his lip and I look at the interpreter with my confused face who stands beside him as Luke looks at him too.

"Are you deaf?" Interpreter signs to me.

How should I say no to him? 

With that, I just nod slowly and turn back to see Luke with my idiot's face.

He seems surprised and completes frozen to see me.

"Y-You're deaf?!" Luke signs with his voice.

I was surprised by he can sign. 

With that, I nod with a serious face and give him a small smile. 

He smiles back. 


I turn to see frown face of Sadie's and put my apologies face.

"Send another girl to the concert..." Luke orders to security guy.

I was shocked to see security guy walks toward where Sadie stands there and put my worried face to see her grasp by a security guy.

"Don't worry about me! I'll be fine! Just go with it!" Sadie shouts with signs to me.

With that, she went to the last of this show because 5SOS's tour will be over soon. 

Just three more show. 

That's it! 

They'll official takes a break until they'll back from one year. 

I turn around to see Luke's nowhere. 

I supposed he was at the show.

"You're lucky. Right then, here's the rule." Scooter says as Matt signs to me.

I sigh annoyingly.

 "Rule number one, you can't be yourself because you're now Luke's 'Girlfriend'." He orders.

 I was surprised by that what he say it.

 "Rule number two, you got do it as I want you to do." He carries on.


His 'Girlfriend'? 

I was still in shocked.

"And rule number three..." He put three fingers in the front of my face "... You can't tell everyone about the contract."


I have to lie to people that I knew, right?

I was in blank.

 "Say what now?" I sign with no voice confusedly.

"The things? Did you hear it on the radio?" He realises.

 "Oh... Sorry!" He apologises.

  I nod. 


Sadie must be trick me to come here to be pretty.

"Don't be! I didn't know. Sorry! You see that girl who stands here next to me... She must be a plan that." I sign with no voice as Matt interprets me to talk to Adam.

 "Well, you should thanks to her because we're looking for deaf girls because they're quietly than hearing people." Adam smiles.

"Okay, then..." I sign nervously with no voice. 

He notices that familiar voices that we can hear. 

I turn around to see the band, another band, that I know they are cute. 

Wait, why do I think about this?


That was the curly dark brown haired man with his orbs green eyes and his cute dimple. 

Wait for a second! 

Was it One Direction?! 

I was shocked. 

Was that Harry Styles that says "Hi"? 

I wave my hand at him.

"She's deaf..." Matt says to Harry.

I sigh sadly.

"Okay?" He starts to get away.

I groan.

"That kept him away," Adam said proudly.

I sigh sadly.

 "Any questions?" He wants it clearly.

 "Yes." I pause.

It's a stupid question, but I want to...

 "Do I have to think about that?" I ask.


It takes a long time to thinking.

With that, he just nods.

 "After the break, you have to come to me!" He says.

 I nod.

Got it!

The reason why I didn't use my voice is I don't trust the famous or stranger people... 

I have penalty three hours to think about it. 

I sigh sadly. 

Why does Sadie want me to come here?

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