Hired for Hemmings

Jasmine Grace, a nineteen normal girl, who has always done by ex-boyfriends...

Sure, she has her tough life.

When she's hired by Management of Luke' to be his girlfriend, her life is complete change...

She has to be 'perfect girlfriend', not be herself.

There have pressure, hate, and judgment on her for long.

But can she manage that thing?

More importantly, what happens when the contract is over?


3. Chapter 2 - Tickets?!

Hired for Hemmings


Jasmine POV

Next morning, I woke up with a scream was so loud as it was Sadie and she jumps on my bed as every kid does it, jump up and down. 

I rub my eyes because I was so tired to do something with Sadie last night. 

I want to cheer her up, that's why I was so tired. 

With that, I sit up and continue to rub my eyes. 

I groan sleepily.

"What the hell was it now?" I sign lazily.

I could see that Sadie opens her mouth to say something, but she still stammers at her word.

 "I-I-I!" She still stammers.

 "I what?" I sign with the bad attitude.

She got two tickets on her right hand to show me, and I give her a question looks on my face.

"What is it?" I sign.

"It was two tickets to go see..." She pauses.

She smiles widely.


I know this look! 

Oh, no! 

Cover your ear now! 

I cover both of my ears with my hands.

"5 SECOND OF SUMMER!!!" Sadie starts to scream.

I smile and put my hands down from my ears on my lap slowly.

"Hmm!" I nod.

She gives me one of these tickets, and I take it. 

I look down on it, and it says:

"VIP Ticket to see 5 Second Of Summer."


"Don't tell me that you-" I pause.

I just saw her head, nods quickly, to tell me that she brought it.

 "You- I- We-" I stammer.

 Because I don't know what to say. 

With that, she kept nods quickly as I sigh sadly, look at her and the ticket at the same times.

"Alright, then! Thank you!" I sign.

I force a smile on my lip at her, and she smiles back as well.

"Are you excited to see them?" She signs while I look down on the ticket.

"Yeah." I sign sadly.

I was scared because... 

What happening if Luke eyes' on me again? 

Or maybe he didn't reconsign me. 

Is it a good thing? 


He probably remembers me when I sit in the front row of standing. 


I just saw the ticket. 

I sigh sadly.

I am still going there. 

With that, I didn't realise that Sadie was still there and I got up, off the bed.

"What are you waiting for?" I sign.

The concert will start tonight.

wonder, how did Luke doing well?

"Go, go, go, go!" I order.

"Alright!" She says as she walks away and went back to her room.

We have three room. 

One was for me, one was for Sadie, and one was for our guest who wants to come here. 

I sigh sadly.

"Right then! All I need to looking for nice clothes." I talk to myself.

It's not because I make Luke get me! 

It is because I want to. 

I take a quick shower and then I wear Black Open Shoulder Dress. 

I also wear Black Leather Jacket and Wear Brown Boots. 

What now? 

I turn around to see the desk, and there is a small purple bag as it says in the side by side 'Beautiful'. 


I bite my bottom lip, and I sigh nervously. 

I was so nervous to put it on. 

If I put it on, then many girls might be jealous of my beauty, and it'll be my fault... 

I let out of sigh.

What the hell? 

I walk to the desk and sit on the chair. 

I pick the mascara up, and I open it. 

Forgive me, girls. 

After I put Makeup on, I walk out of the room, and Sadie was waiting for me to come out. 

Of course, I put the cochlear implant in my ear. 

Then I can hear that Sadie's shocked sound.

 "Jas! You look so beautiful!" She examined me.

 Am I? 

I was about to say something, but I stop myself because I lost my word, and I sigh sadly. 

I wonder what if he choose me over the girls? 

Oh, no!

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