Hired for Hemmings

Jasmine Grace, a nineteen normal girl, who has always done by ex-boyfriends...

Sure, she has her tough life.

When she's hired by Management of Luke' to be his girlfriend, her life is complete change...

She has to be 'perfect girlfriend', not be herself.

There have pressure, hate, and judgment on her for long.

But can she manage that thing?

More importantly, what happens when the contract is over?


2. Chapter 1 - His blue eyes' locked on me?!

Hired for Hemmings


Jasmine POV

I enter our apartment at first with my soaking wet clothes because it was raining outside and then I turn around to see my best friend, Sadie, very soaking wet too. 

We lived in, depressed and ugly placement, London. 

I could see her crying like a baby because she wants to see Luke Hemmings in London. 


He was in London.

I told her that everything would be okay, but she refuses.

"Sadie," I call out of her name.

She looks at me.

"Look..." I pause to sit down on the table. 

"Probably Luke was so busy to see us because there have a lots of fans coward on him." I continue tp sign as I look up at Sadie's face.

That's right! 

I know what are you thinking. 

I'm deaf.

Sadie asked me to move in and living with her. 

Having fun and having trouble like a prank or get a police car.

"But we are too close to him." Sadie pouts with her signing.

"I know..." I pause.

I don't know what to say next, but she wants him to see us, and then I say to her.

"No way! It was a too damn coward." 

I sigh sadly. 

I want to get so lucky to be his girlfriend, but he was so busy. 

"What the hell was that?" Sadie signs. 

She probably noticed my jealous face expression. 

I snap it out, and I shake my head.

"Nothing!" I force smile on my lip.

She looks shivering

Oh, she must be icy!

"Why not you go and take shower while I cook?" I order.

I know you all thinking about me being a mother to Sadie. 

She's one year older than me, so, Sadie doesn't want to be a mother, but I do. 

I'm nineteen years old. 

With what have I asked her, Sadie just nods because she doesn't know what to say and she turns around to walk away to our bathroom. 

I smile at it, and I enter the kitchen to make a pizza frozen because I didn't bother to make anything. 

I wonder, why did his lovely blue eyes' on me? 

Did I look like someone like a celebrity? 

Maybe I do or maybe not. 

All I was saying is I think he saw me or something...

"I can smell the pizza!" That was Sadie sniffs.

You think I'm full deaf, right? 


I'm wearing cochlear implant on my left ear. 

I had it for nine years. 

I turn around to see her standing by the door, and she has tomboy clothes to warm her body.

"Yep," I say.

I walk to our bathroom, and I take a shower as I take hot water because I'm cold.  

After that, I take tomboy clothes, and I walk out of the room. 

Then I can smell the pizza and walk inside the kitchen.

"Hey, Sadie!" I called.

She looks at me with her pout face. 

That makes me wonder what's happening.

"What's wrong?" I notice her.

Sadie sighs sadly, and she shakes her head.

"I really want him to see us that how we are so pretty." She signs to me.

I wonder, had she noticed that Luke's eyes' locked on me?!

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