It all begins

A mysterious girl joins LAB. She then reveals she is a girl. She has a hard time Getting through what's coming for her.


2. Follow the leader.

Soon it came to the time she was to go to trainings to up her rank (promoted). She stood in the training in a line STS -shoulder to shoulder-. Before the training started she changed into her true look (as a girl) to prove that a BROTHERHOOD isn't a BROTHERHOOD it's a mixed hood. When the trainer said "Hoods down." She took hers off. She wasn't afraid anymore. The person next to her turned to face her. "Hi I'm PR0." She glanced back saying "hai.". She felt good to be a girl not hiding under a hood anymore. Soon she started speaking more to PR0 and soon he started teasing her. -(Lets not go through it-the teasing)-. Now she felt more welcome that she knew some people, friends or not she still had people to talk to.

The training was held by someone called Sizon. He was very strict to people. The girl stood forward as requeste. Sizon asked "Why did you not complete the obby?". She turned around looking at everyone else who ignore her, except for pr0. She realised she wasn't the only one who had failed to complete the obby. "Are you going to tell anyone else off for not completing the obby?" She asked not afraid at all.

"Excuse me?"

"?". She stood there proud the fact she stood up for herself.

"May I add to the list that I'm not perfect and I may have just met you but you expect to much from people. It's luck really, nothing more. Pixels." She stood there explaining.

"Fall back in line."

"Sure. Boss"

He face palmed him self then realise she was right. As the training progressed everybody had to follow Sizon around. "What's the point of walking in a big loop?" Someone asked, they had their hood on.

"All it does is break our controls or numb our thumbs!"

Sizon completely ignore the stranger and continued this training. Everyone started leaving because of Boredom. Soon it was just the girl left.

"Promotions?" She asked.


"But I'm the only person left from start to end.".

"So? Your performance was crap!".

"Ok then be like that!".

So she left. Sizon was pacing his steps thinking what he had done wrong.

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