It all begins

A mysterious girl joins LAB. She then reveals she is a girl. She has a hard time Getting through what's coming for her.


1. The New Girl.

On the 1/1/10 a new member joined LAB (Levantine Assassains BROTHERHOOD) she was hiding under a hood. She didn't want her gender to get it the way. On roblox she dressed up as boys, with all the beards etc. When she went to The Swamp (What was Fallow Mire) she was always having a hood on. Somebody then asked "Hey, I feel like you're new.". She glanced up at this complete stranger. How could they tell she was new? The stranger was not able to see the username plus all beginners had the same uniform. She looked up confused. "Yeah, I'm new...". The stranger turned around and took their hood off. Andref245 (the roblox user). "Andre, nice to meet you.". The girl glanced up at him thinking 'If I take my hood of he will see my username (it's a girl name). She ran past him jumping roof to roof. He stood up in disappointment the fact he was almost rejected. She turned round before running off.

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