After that rainy night, things have never been the same. It was Jasmin's job to build the utopia. Now, she's forced to watch it burn.
Would you stay to watch what would unravel?
Or leave to start something new?


3. Aurora

Aurora sat there on my bed, her legs crossed. Her long dark brown hair is fixed into a ponytail.

“It’s about time. I almost decided to go to bed”

I walk to the closet, right now I want nothing more than to slip on some sweats and a T. I don’t need a light, I just slip in and out of clothes. When I emerge from the closet Aurora is sitting in her same spot

“It’s a nice night tonight huh?”

“Ya I guess”

I sit next to her, our combined weight brings the bed down a bit. After minutes of sitting in silence, Aurora’s hand begins to squeeze parts of my thigh at the same time she mumbles something.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Seeing what letter you're boyfriend's name gonna start with”

I slap her hand away

“God you're weird”

She falls back on the bed.

“It's fun being weird. It's fun being weird. It's fun being weird you should try it some time”

She sings silently. I sigh before falling back on the bed as well.

“Your cracked I swear”

“Nah I’m porcelain”

“Cracked porcelain”

“Shut up”

We lay there for a awhile, looking up at the rain stained ceiling. The sound of steady breathing fills the room.

The silence was soon broken from the sound of a loud bang followed by my father's curse words.

I sigh very heavily.

“I know, he was like this the whole time I was here”

Aurora says in a whisper.

We look each other in the eyes.

“He and...My..-

“No, she didn’t come out of the room. She’s either listening to music or asleep”

I nod. Thankful that nothing happened when I was out.

“How long have you been here?”

“I came in as soon as you left”
“Why didn’t you just come with me?”

She shrugged.

“I guess today I didn't feel like walking”

Aurora is the laziest person I know.  Some nights she never leaves my house. Instead of walking up to the road, she rolls under my bed. She made a tiny nest out of blankets and pillows there.

If anyone ever asks me if I have a monster under my bed I will kindly say. I have a girl that sleeps under my bed. Her name is Aurora, and every night she creeps through my window. We are the best of friends. Would you like to meet her? Then I would laugh at the scared faces they would make.  

I herd Aurora take a deep breath.

“So how's life for ya?”

“Take a wild guess”

She sighs loud and heavily. I shove my hand to her mouth, making her shut up.

“Shut the hell up Aurora”


“Why? Maybe because when you sigh like that, it sound like you're having painful sex”

“No it does not”

“Yes it does”






I whack her on the side of the arm.


“I didn't even hit you hard”

She rubs the side of her arm for awhile. The sound of crickets fills the empty night air. Time ticked on, never slowing for anybody. I soon found myself tired, and ready for sleep. Though instead of getting up and getting under the covers, I stay in place.

After a couple more minutes of silence. Aurora gets up and stretches.

“Well I’m going to bed”




“Shut up you love me here”

“Do I though?”

She doesn't say anything. Only rolls her eyes. I watch as she crawls under the bed.

    There’s another loud bang then another. I just ignore it and drift off into a dreamless sleep.


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