To more than a friend

To someone more than a friend. To someone words cannot even begin to describe.


1. To you

How could words tell more than my eyes?

When I cried to you after their lies

When torments of fears and horror took my head

You helped me until the fears were dead

How can I repay the price of the love you showed to me?

Never will I forget the things you done and you'll forever be

Someone that I look up to like a child to the sky and birds

As I remember the comfort I seek from hearing your words

Nothing, not even can I reassure myself today

But when you speak I find peace in some way

A hero in my eyes and a motivator in my heart

You've been with me since the very start

If not for you I would disappear with fear

But there is always comfort with you near

Never can I thank you enough but I can say

Merry Christmas to my hero today

You are special, and like no other

I thank you, I love you mother 

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