Heart Beat

Their was a lonely boy who ounce had a dream. In his dream he meet a girl that reminded of him a girl he ounce new. Falling in love with this girl was not easy because he could never really got to see her. So what happens when he makes the girl from his dreams?


3. His dream Her reality


I sat up in my bed unable to fall back asleep wondering what it meant. The way her eyes once bright where now so dull or how her voice seemed to tremble with each word she spoke. It just didn't make sense to me as to how such a happy girl could become sad so easily. Then it started to all make sense to me. "Did I hurt her and make her leave?"

         I jumped up from my bed punching a wall in rage. "This isn't goodbye! I'll see you again some how...." I said to myself as I slowly slid down my bedroom wall. "If I can't see you in my dreams I'll bring you to my world." I clenched my fist and grabbed a pencil and paper and I drew  her the way I remembered. "Soon we'll be able to see each other again."


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