Heart Beat

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  • Published: 20 Dec 2016
  • Updated: 28 Dec 2016
  • Status: Complete
Their was a lonely boy who ounce had a dream. In his dream he meet a girl that reminded of him a girl he ounce new. Falling in love with this girl was not easy because he could never really got to see her. So what happens when he makes the girl from his dreams?


13. Eyes wide open

A red button gave off a faint glow as I held my hand over it. I was wondering if I should push the button and wake the sleeping boy. I thought this over for a while weighing my options for a bit and then deciding to hit the button, I let my hand drop down. There was a loud noise and a cloud of smoke as the door opened up and the boy lay there so close I could feel the cold air that surround him. Slowly and carefully I placed my hand over his heart and watched as his chest started to rise and fall with each breath.


Len’s pov:

    I took in a deep breath feeling my lungs expand as air filled them. Then I opened my eyes squinting at the bright light that I was seeing now for the first time. In front of me stood a girl who looked just like me only a little bit taller. “Hi…” she spoke up and looked into my eyes. Her eyes were a pretty vibrant blue color, the color of a night sky filled with stars. “Hi.” I spoke in a dreamy tone as I got lost in the sight of her. “My name is Rin I suppose I am to be your sister.” She spoke with the voice of an angel.


    I frowned a bit at the word “sister”. I didn’t want her to be my sister I wanted her to be more to me. I wanted her to say that she loved me the way I loved her. I knew I had just meet her but I felt like I was made to be her other half. “Rin is a pretty name, my name is Len. Is the creator around do you know?” She gave me a sad look as she shook her head no. “I see, so the master has already left this world.” She nodded again and I took off the wires that were attached to me and I took my first step stumbling a little bit here and their. “Easy Len you were just activated so you still have a lot to get used to.” I smiled at the fact that she cared about me.


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