Heart Beat

Their was a lonely boy who ounce had a dream. In his dream he meet a girl that reminded of him a girl he ounce new. Falling in love with this girl was not easy because he could never really got to see her. So what happens when he makes the girl from his dreams?


2. Dreams never last

The girl who always smiled when she saw me today wore a frown. "What's wrong?" I asked her reaching out to her but today she pulled away. "I'm sorry. We can't see each other anymore." I looked at her my smile fading. The darkness that she had kept at bay came rushing back. Their hands reached out grabbing my clothes and pulling me away from her. I reached out to her but she only gave me a sad look. Her lips moved but no words came out. I looked down at her lips as they moved and saw she was saying the words I thought I'd never hear. "I'm sorry...this is goodbye."  I woke up screaming, sweat rolling down my face. My hand reaching to something that wasn't there. I was all alone again....

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