Heart Beat

Their was a lonely boy who ounce had a dream. In his dream he meet a girl that reminded of him a girl he ounce new. Falling in love with this girl was not easy because he could never really got to see her. So what happens when he makes the girl from his dreams?


1. Dream


            I had a dream of a girl. She was taller then me and had these beautiful blue eyes. They were as deep as the ocean. Her golden blond hair lit up the darkness that surrounded me. When she smiled it was more breathtaking than any sunset I had ever seen. The way she said my name would make my heart skip a beat. Sadly though somethings are only a dream.

           I had come back to see her once again. I opened my mouth to call her name but stopped when I realized she never told me her name. Suddenly she appeared from the place she had been hiding and giggled. "Your back! I missed you." I smiled when I saw her, my thoughts of loneliness disappeared. It's funny how someone you hardly know can change your life so much....

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