Heart Beat

Their was a lonely boy who ounce had a dream. In his dream he meet a girl that reminded of him a girl he ounce new. Falling in love with this girl was not easy because he could never really got to see her. So what happens when he makes the girl from his dreams?


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Rin’s pov:

    I knew that the master had left my world and thought of him leaving caused my heart to move. Suddenly, I was crying and I couldn’t stop. My heart was breaking and aching all over. I was longing to see his smile and hear his kind words one more time. I smiled at the thought of him finally getting to rest in peace. “GoodBye Father.” I looked up to see a faint light yellow glow coming from the back room. Feeling curiosity take over me, I walked slowly to the back of the room. My heart was beating faster than it ever has before. “Master is this the fear that you spoke of?”


    I walked in the room taking smaller steps as I got closer to what lay ahead for me. When I got into the room I saw that I had nothing to fear in the first place. Instead the sight was quite beautiful instead. I saw a blond haired boy who was sleeping in a glass like tomb. He looked so beautiful and peaceful, his chest giving off a light glow. I slowly reached out placing my hand over the glass.




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