My Deepest Scars | A Niall Horan Love Story|

The whole school knows about that dreadful day. Remorse filled the students hearts everywhere and no one knows what really happened.

The end result still being unknown til this very day.

Drew Baler, a very mysterious and discourteous teenage boy, is very keen to his friendliness life. Though, Drew never misses an opportunity to be rude to anyone who approaches him everyone loves him. The simple fact that he does not want to be bothered by anyone seems to attract everyone to him. None of them care to know why Drew is the way he is. No one cares to know why Drew has a short fuse and impolite. Of course, Niall Horan and his group of friends will be the ones to investigate.


7. Chapter Six

----Drew Baler----

The front door opens indicating that Derek is home, just the thought of his name makes me want to roll over and die in disgust. I know that he is going to have a fucking fit because I have broken all his vase and glasses, but I really don’t care. He is nothing, but a middle aged man who fucks other women when he is supposedly on business trips. I would tell mother if I did not want her to suffer, she deserves it for not being a good parent and divorcing that motherfucker when she had the chance. It is her fault why she is gone and it fault for marrying him so she has some consequences to face. Not my fault that both of them have their heads stuck up their asses.

“What in bloody hell?!” Derek yells, angrily. I am guess he sees the damage I have done.

I smirk, drying my body off in my dim bathroom; I grab the bandages off and wrap myself up. I wrap my hand up from last night and I go into my room. I throw on a tank top and some sweatpants. I lie on my bed looking up at the ceiling and trying to ignore the noises coming from Amy’s bedroom. No, it isn’t anything sexual, but they are happy noise. The most sicken type of feeling in the world, there is no need to be happy all the time and I don’t understand how people can do it with so much shit going on in the world.

A loud bang on my door makes me furrow my eyebrows as it gets louder and louder with each pound. I stand up from the bed then I open my balcony doors. I am not scared of facing him, the fact that he thinks that I am makes him a dumbass. For as long as I have known Derek, he has always know that I cannot stand the ground he walks. I cannot even say I want him to go to hell because I feel like he deserves worse than that.

“I know you’re in here!” He yells in anger “Open the door this instant, Twit!” Derek threatens.

I stand on the rail of my balcony making sure my keys are in my pocket, I jump grabbing onto the branch of the tree and then I climb down. I get into my car; I speed down the street to the football field that is almost thirty minutes away from my house. I go there because I know that my mother and Derek are not going to find me there. It is like the one place that they don’t know I go and that is how I want to keep it. I am free from them and the constant yelling, the bickering between them about me. I come here to get away from the main source of my problem, the reason I have made this decision to hate everything and everyone.

I take my football out of the car with me and go onto the field to see five boys in the distance. There are always some people here so I am going to just walk to the other field like I usually do. As I am walking past I notice that it is Louis, Niall, Harry, Liam and Zayn who are all on my football team at school. I curse to myself hoping they would not see me; I rather practice a little bit by myself today.

“Baler?” Harry calls “That is Baler.”

I close my eyes in annoyance before turning around to see the five boys jogging towards me; they stop in front of me with a smile on their faces. Niall is avoiding contact with me and I am guessing it is because of last night.

“Would you mind playing on my team?” Liam asks, it’s five of them so  I can see why they would need me “Just so it would be even.”

“Come on, just for fun.” Zayn reassures me.

I shake my head just wanting to get away from them, I just want to be by myself and they should know this by now. This is another reason why I don’t like talking to people, they never can take the hint that I do not want to be bothered. And, that is all the time.

“Come on.” Niall says, touching my shoulder “We’ll play up to twenty.” Niall pushes.

For some reason, I feel a tingling feeling that goes down my spine, I shiver to myself before looking at him. He has a genuine smile on his face that I cannot resist; I nod my head tightly making them all cheer. I sigh, following them back onto the field regretting this already. I just couldn’t help when Niall touched me; it was so soft and gentle. I mentally slap myself telling myself to get over it and go play the damn game.

“Okay, so you are on Zayn’s and Harry’s team.” Niall informs me.

“You can be the goalie and we’ll switch every time someone scores on the opposite team.” Harry explains, keeping it fair.

I walk over to the goal and watch them carefully as they start to play. Louis start to making in way towards me while being able to keep the ball away from Harry and Zayn. They are all very good players, but I think Louis does slightly better than them. They all have their moments, but out of the five of them Louis definitely gets the most.

I get into guard position as Louis makes his way over to the goal, you can mostly tell by someone’s body language on how they are going to kick the ball. Louis kicks the ball and I catch it with my hands, my injured hand throbs a little bit when I catch it, but that is nothing unusual. Louis curses to himself as Zayn and Harry cheer, Zayn comes over to me so we can switch positions. I go onto the field next to Harry, we kick off and I run towards Liam’s goal where Harry spikes the ball towards me. I stop it with the side of my foot and do not hesitant to sprint towards the goal. Louis comes towards me trying to take the ball, but I quickly grab the ball with my feet and spin nearly making him trip.  I keep going as Harry makes his way to the goal, Niall tries but I kick the ball to my knee then up in the air. I jump in the air, spiking it over to Harry while flipping myself over landing on one knee. Harry kicks it right past Liam. We play for an hour or two because it would take a long time to score off of each other. We end of calling a tie because we kept on catching up with each other and started to rain a little bit.

“Good game.” Liam praises everyone.

“You’re an excellent player.” Louis compliments.

“You’re too, all of you.” I say, honestly.

He holds out his hand for a shake, I do it just to know that I mean what I had just said because I do. Louis holds on longer than what I wanted him to, but that’s only because he was looking down at my hand for some odd reason. I pull away from his grasp; I grab my ball and walk away from them before anything else it said. I have to admit that is fun, but not fun enough for me to act like I want to be their mates when I really don’t.

Once I am parked in my parking space at home all I hear is Derek and Mother arguing about me again. I lock the door then make my way into the house hoping to go unnoticed by them. I should have just climbed back up the tree and back into my room, but I did not feel like it.

“Victoria, that ignoramus you called a child is out of control!” Derek yells “You need to do something about it or I will!” Derek threatens.

I roll my eyes, successfully going unnoticed by them; I go to my room and water the plant like I am supposed to. I go onto my balcony then sit down on a chair that is out here, I look over to my right to see that Amy is sitting on her balcony to watering the plant for Niall.  I just don’t think that they are good together, but who I am to tell that to them. They have to figure out themselves and if they don’t they are some damn fools. You know, sometimes I think I am jealous, but I realize that it cannot be possible.

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