My Deepest Scars | A Niall Horan Love Story|

The whole school knows about that dreadful day. Remorse filled the students hearts everywhere and no one knows what really happened.

The end result still being unknown til this very day.

Drew Baler, a very mysterious and discourteous teenage boy, is very keen to his friendliness life. Though, Drew never misses an opportunity to be rude to anyone who approaches him everyone loves him. The simple fact that he does not want to be bothered by anyone seems to attract everyone to him. None of them care to know why Drew is the way he is. No one cares to know why Drew has a short fuse and impolite. Of course, Niall Horan and his group of friends will be the ones to investigate.


6. Chapter Five

----Drew Baler----

Today, Niall is coming over today so we can do our project and I am not looking forward to it. I just want everything to be over with today so he’ll never step foot into my house again. I hate people coming over here. It is just a way for them to invade my personal life and be nosy. Just so they can find out why I am the way I am, but they are never going to find out. I won’t let them know though because if I wanted them to know they would have told them already. There is no point because they would not understand what went on and I am not going to take that chance.

I wrap the bandages around me then I throw on a T-Shirt and some sweatpants. The doorbell rings making me lick my lips and walking downstairs to the door where the butler has beat me to it. Niall walks into the house taking off his snapback and handing his jacket to the butler. He looks up at me and smile; I put my hand up quickly.

“Come on, my room is this way.” I tell him, quickly, before my mother sees him.

As Niall is trailing behind me to my room. I am taking the long avoiding passing by her room. The interest would go up to high and I cannot take that risk for anyone to see it. Niall walks into my room. I walk in then turn around to close the door to see  my mother is standing there. She is about to say something. I glare at her and then I close the door in her face not caring. Niall has taking a seat at one of my desk and I pull up a chair next to him. He is looking at all the bandages sitting on my shelves and I can tell he is eventually going to ask me why. I am not going to lie to him, but I didn’t say I was going to tell him either.

I got into my desk and I take out two empty floor pots. I go to the balcony that is in my room and I grab the small bag of dirt. Niall takes it from me then fills both of them up. We put two different seeds in the pot and I pour so water in them from the water bottle sitting on my desk.

“Now, all we have to do is observe and record.” I remind him

“That should take about a month.” He says “I’ll take one home and do it.” He points to one of the pots.

I open my folder and I hand him a sheet of paper giving him the times to water the plant. It has to be at least close to the same time.

“I can do this.” Niall tells me.

I nod my head, leaning back in the chair and I look at Niall as he looks over the paper. I gulp feeling my heartbeat going slightly faster than usual and I know that it shouldn't, but it does. I thought this would go away. It’ll go away on it’s on and I know it, but how can I help it when his hair is so perfect in every way?

“Are you ready for the game Monday?”

“I guess. “ I say, coming out of my thoughts “Are you?”

He nods his head in confidence before looking up at me for awhile; I turn my head down to the paper trying to ignore his look. I don’t know what  it is and people staring at me, but sometimes it pisses me off. Like on Wednesday when Mrs. Ware assigned the damn project I know he was looking at me for some odd reason. All day at school that is all I get and it still pisses me off to this day. I just don’t understand why people are so fascinated by me when I am sure as hell not fascinated by them.

“Let me see your notebook.” Niall says, pointing to my notebook.

I hand him the notebook and he stares at it intensely flipping through the pages. I narrow my eyes at him wondering what the hell he is doing. He flips the last pages of notes back and forth then looks up at me with a strange look on his face.

“You’re ambidextrous, but you write mostly with your left hand.” He tells, handing me the notebook.

He was right, I am “Yeah, how’d you know that?”

“Well, most of your notes are tilted at a right angle and that is what most left handers do, but the notes from Wednesday they are tilted to the left from when your hand was wrapped up. Most right handers write with their papers to the left.” Niall explains his logic.

I suck my bottom lips looking interest in what he had just said. He notices too many things which means I have distance myself from him even more. I am going to continue to do this if it is the last thing I do.

“Why do you have so many bandages in here?” He finally asks.

I look at them then I look back at him and he has a blank look on his face. I quickly look down at my lap avoiding eye contact with him.  I take a cigarette out of my pocket then I place it in my mouth while lighting it. I look back at the shelf at many rolls of bandages that I probably don’t need, but knowing how I am I know when I am going to need them. Looking back at Niall I puff the cigarette then I tap it on the ashtray gently.

“I get angry a lot.” I admit, simply.

“Fair enough, where’s the bathroom?”

I point to the bathroom door; he gets up from the chair and goes into the bathroom door. I keep myself from looking at him walk away because I know I am going to go weak in the knees a little bit. It is nothing though; I guess it is just an effect I get when I have been around someone too long. It happens all the time, but it is only with Niall. Maybe I just notice it with Niall because he is the person that I find least annoying than everyone else.

The butler comes into my room and sits a tray of snacks down on the desk in front of me. We make eye contact for a couple of seconds before he puts his hands behind his back and walks out my room. I look at the cut up fruit then pop an apple slice in my mouth. Niall comes out a couple of seconds later. He immediately comes over to the tray of food; we both spend the last half hour eating the food off of the tray even though he ate most of it.

----Niall Horan----

I look down at my watch to see that it is almost four. Amy and I are going to go to a movie later and I have to go over her house so I can get ready. Drew puts out his cigarette then puts it behind his ear; I stand up and grab my book bag then I carefully pick up the plant.

“I have to go now.” I tell him.


He gets up from the chair and we walk out of the room. We walk downstairs then this long hallway and then into the living room. I have noticed that there is not one picture of Andrea. You would think that after supposedly losing a child that you would still have all their pictures, but there is not one picture in this whole place. As a matter of fact, there is none of Drew either, everything about him seems very strange. Like the fact that there is no mirror in his bathroom, everything about him so far a bit off.

A familiar woman is standing the living room looking at us, she steps in front of Drew making him stop and he groans quietly. The woman moves to in front me and of course, it is Mrs. Keller. That is her name now that she has gotten remarried, I remember going to the wedding with Andrea. She didn’t want to be alone with all of their friends and co-workers. We had so much fun that night that is when I first started to like her.

“He has to go; you do not need to speak to him.” Drew hisses, harshly.

Mrs. Keller ignores him before pulling me into a hug and I hug her back not wanting to be rude. Once we pull away Drew motions me to follow him to the door, I start to walk around her when she puts her hand on my shoulder. I turn around and look down at her to see she is smiling. Drew is still walking to the front door, but has not walked that far away.

“I haven’t seen you since sophomore year, at Andrea’s party.”

Her face suddenly drops as she turns her attention back to Drew. I look over at Drew to see that he has stopped in his tracks. His hands are by his side clinched in tight fist, the veins are going up from his hand to his arms. Drew slowly turns around, his teeth are clenched tightly and his face is turning a shade deep red. His eyes have turned a dark shade of blue. His eyebrows are furrowed more than usual and his jawline is tense.

“What did you just say?” He growls through his teeth.

Drew walks up to his mother and the butler moves me out of the way; he is now towered over his mother like he is going to kill her or something.

“I thought I told you never to say her name.” Drew hisses.

Fear takes over his mother's face “It just slipped out.” She says, quietly.

“Oh, so that makes it okay, just for it to slip out!” He begins to yell, loudly “Well, mother, she isn’t here so just forget about her! Forget the fact that she ever fucking existed!” Drew moves closer to her.

He unloosing his fist then walks over to these glasses that are sitting down on the table. He grabs these vases and throws them down on the floor.

“If I start breaking shit, will that make you forget!?” He screams, throwing another glass on the floor and breaking it.

The butler quickly escorts me out of the room while Drew continues to yell and break the glasses in anger. They butler hands me my belongings. Mrs. Keller is begging him to stop, but he just keeps getting louder and louder over the glasses breaking. Some of the neighbors have come out of their houses, they are looking at house from their porches and I look back to see him in the window holding a vase. He is still yelling, all the veins are popping out of his neck and he is extremely red. She tries to calm him down, but all he does is throw the vase at the wall making the glass fall in the air and onto the ground once more. He storms out of the room leaving his mother nearly in tears.

Note to self: Do not mention Andrea’s name in front of Drew…Ever!

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