The Vampire Diaries (Luke Hemmings)

Vampires is meant a corpse supposed to leave at night to drink the blood of the living by biting the people's necks with long pointed canine teeth, right? Well... Some vampires did it but you thought wrong. A good Vampire who never lose their control of biting their precious blood.

What happens when she found out that, the new kid, Luke have a secret, a vampire?


2. Prologue



With the fog in the park, frightened birds, evil crows and brave fox come along into the park. 

For a moment, the dark secret that I have to live with, have to hide in the shadow from the sun, and until then, I have a ring to protect my skin.

You might know what has Vampires done with the human but what did you want to know is my story.

Darkness might take over a real vampire also known as that was me.

Everything went blank. 

That was my part of life, is to walk around in the dark and bite the animal. 

Animal and blood of living being are my favourites to do.

Freedom is my thing! 

Everything went back but you can see the alleyway, and you can hear cries and scream by a woman.

A woman was running ahead and fall over by the small rock... 

But all I can smell blood on her knee and I lose my control as such as I was starting to run.

The years was the beginner of 2015.

That's when I have bitten a woman for the first time...

And that's when I stopped to ageing... 

I was 18 years old. 

I was running the dark alleyway speedily, never stop to run, and all I see a beautiful woman stands at the end of the alley. 

She turns around to see me with her frightened expression as I walk step by step to get closer and she steps backwards... 

"No!" She screams. 

"Please, let me go!" She begs.

When I was closer to her, her back's against the wall, and I pull her in the hug when I hastily grab her hand. 

I was shaking my body as I was able in control but it's too late...

"No! Please! Luke! I know you can do it! Control your temper!" She cried. 

When I was shaking, a woman pulls away, but that's impossible to stop me because I was too hard toward her and I bite a woman's neck.

I drunk all of her blood, and she was fragile to say something. 

Then she had the last word as such as:

"Goodbye, Luke..."

With that, I, finally, was in control and I come out of her neck as she fell deadly as I look down on the beautiful woman who was my someone special.

I was shocked to see her on the ground, and I cried at the same time.

"No... I'm sorry, Wendy!" I cried.

I was hugging her head as I was begging for her life and I was crying.

"Alive, please! What am I doing without you?!" I cried.

Even now, I was hiding in the shadow of the people who were looking at me, and you see...

I am evil vampires. 

Everything went blank.

No one can see me since I was moving into Flordia from Australia, Sydney and I find a cure from England to stop to getting the sunburn on the surface.

It was a ring.

I haven't seen someone special until I met one...

That's when I was in high school.

I make a promise to not bite someone just like what did I do to Wendy...



Bold - Do in his/her action. 


Italic - Thinking about what they would do next time or thought.


Block Quote - Something that someone has to say and in diaries too.

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