The Tale Of Jack Frost

From the perspective of Jack's little sister we find out the true story of how Jack Frost came to be.


1. The Family Secret

Christmas time was always fun with my older brother, Jack. We would always go ice skating and make snow mans, even though you could not tell mine was a snowman, it was still fun playing and spending time with Jack. Every single Christmas this was something we would do and if we missed it, which we never did, it wouldn't feel like Christmas but some made up holiday. Anyway this Christmas was going to be a different Christmas than any Christmas before because this was Jack's sixteenth Christmas and I found out he was able to do things you would not even think possible.

Today was the first day of December, 1643, I woke up to the sound of my mother telling my older brother Jack to go out and fetch some firewood so we would not all freeze to death, this was funny to me because Jack would go out in the snow like it was a summer day. He would wear his silly thin shirt, pants that only went down to his knee, and his bear feet. I mean even when I was bundled up I was still cold but Jack he was different and that's one of the reasons I loved my crazy, older, brother so much is because he was not afraid to be himself. 

As I got up and started to brush my hair, though, I heard my mother's voice, again, but this time she said, "Jack, why do you have to go out with about nothing on, I mean one day you will freeze to death and I won't be able to save you"

"Well, you know I don't feel the cold but only the hotness of the summers." Jack said with his best serious voice, because he was always making everyone laugh with his awful humor so he was not at all serious even when he tried to be.

Then I heard our mother say with her serious voice, even though she was obviously worried, "Jack, be careful, remember the witch act-ivy is rising so the crown are on their guard meaning anyone different or strange are put in the dungeons or stalks."

"I know mother I'll be careful, but I can't change who I am or what I can do." Jack said opening the door, but what did Jack mean 'what I can do', Jack told me everything or at least I thought he did.

As the door was shut behind Jack, I came out of the room, my brother and I shared, looking at the door then at my mother still wondering what Jack meant by 'what I can do'. Then my mother said smiling at me with her big broad smile, "Oh, Nina, you're finally awake I was wondering when you would get up. Nina, are you alright, dear."

Then I realized that I had been staring blankly at her ever since I came out of the room. But without even thinking I then asked, " What was Jack talking about when he said 'or what I can do'?"

My mother looked as if she saw a ghost, she went so pale she looked like the snow laying down just outside. As she snapped back, though, she said what I least expected, "I wish you didn't hear that but since we are here right now it would be better just to explain everything to you as soon as your brother comes back with the firewood."

"What, what are you talking about? Did I miss anything? Am I still dreaming?" I said completely and utterly confused

My mother took a deep breath then looked up at me with her blue eyes, probably wondering what to say, but then as her mind came back into focus she said, "I guess you can say you missed something but it's more complicated then that especially when it comes to our family, but you are not dreaming even though I wish you were."

"Your family has something to do with it?" I said anxious to hear more

"No, not my family but your father's family." my mother said biting her lip

I was astonished at these words, ever since my dad died ten years ago when I was only two, my mother would never talk about him or who he was. I wish I would of known him but like I said she didn't talk about him, actually, she wouldn't even tell us how he died, but maybe after all these years she would finally tell me and my brother, if he didn't already know. As I stopped thinking about the what ifs, Jack came walking through the door with a whole tree of firewood on his sled, when I was little he used to take me on it every single winter. Wow, that brings back memories of those days when I was just a innocent child, but now I was almost a teenager with marriage proposals, ugh.

"Well, good morning to you too, Nina, see you are in a deep thinking state of your mind, so I must not disturbed you." Jack said unloading his sled.

"Hello, Jack, or should I call you Jack Frost." I said hugging him tightly, Jack Frost was a nickname my mother and I had given him ever since I could remember because he was like something of the winter months.

My mother then looked at Jack like speaking to him, but words were not said to each other until Jack took my hand and lead me to a chair that sat by the fire. As I sat down, Jack looked at me from the other chair across from me and said with a deep breath, "Nina, I can do things that no other human can do and that is why I haven't been paying a lot of attention to you, because I have been trying to control this ever since I turned sixteen."

"What can you do, exactly?" I said grabbing Jack's hand, but as I did he pulled away and looked toward the fire as it roared like a lion in the fireplace.

"I can do this." Jack said, then he put his palm toward the fire and as he did so the fire began to freeze into a statue of ice.

I was amazed, but how did he do it? Did he, maybe, let the cold in to freeze the fire, but that still did not make any sense. As I thought about this my mother put her hand on my shoulder, then said after a deep sigh, "I know it's a lot to take in, but you have to keep this secret because if you don't all our lives could be at risk. Your father had a gift, except his was to shape shift into a grizzly. The crown killed him saying he was something of the Devil's creation, but he wasn't, he simply was misunderstood by people." my mother started to tear up and Jack got up from the other chair to come over to comfort her.

Jack looked at me with a straight face as he said, "This runs in the family, you even might have a gift, but we will not know until you are sixteen. Our father was a great man and I don't care what other people say, okay, so don't ever think differently about him."

I got up and went to Jack and our mother to help comfort her, then I said in a soft voice as I hugged my mother and Jack, "I will never tell anyone, I promise, even if I am going to be killed for it."

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