A girls parents mysteriously disappear when she is a child. Ten years later she find out where they went, a city on the other side of the prism where they may be the only chance at saving the world, from themselves.


5. Windows to the World

    Her shoulder was the first thing to hit. She couldn’t tell which way was up or down. She laid there, shaking, terrified and confused. Once she had overcome the initial wave of nausea she opened her eyes. The only thing she could see was the wall right in front of her. 
    Using all of her strength she pushed herself up so she could roll over, but getting another wave of sickness she fell onto her other shoulder. This time she could see more of her surroundings. 
    Brie seemed to be at the end of a large, dark grey, brick hallway. There was some light coming in from the windows on both sides of the wall. Pushing up again, but more slowly, she lifted herself up onto her knees. Her body ached everywhere and her shoulder felt like she had been shot. Glad that it was her left shoulder that hurt she used her right one to push herself to her feet. 
Just moving her arm a little bit was excruciating. Grabbing her right shoulder with her left arm crossing her chest she cradled it close to her.  She fell back against the wall getting another wave of sickness go through her. She didn’t want to cry out for help until she knew exactly where she was and how she got here. But despite this great effort she could feel a few tears sliding down her face. 
She started moving down the hallway in front of her, legs feeling like jelly. As she approached the first window on her right she saw a crowded street. The houses looked like little huts more than anything and the people looked as though they hadn't bathed in weeks, it reminded her of the movies about the middle ages. Everyone bustling about trading goods with animals running wild along the small cobblestone street. Wagons being pushed past and not caring who is in their way.
The next window behind her held a completely different scene. It looked to be a giant room with columns running down the sides of the room and a large throne at the end of the room. Instead of sitting on the ground, however it was floating on a purple cloud of smoke off of the ground. There were some guards standing next to it but Brie couldn’t distinguish if they were robots or men. They were too far away in the window for her to see. 
The third window held a group of women standing in the forest next to a lake in the middle of the day. This confused Brie since the one next to it was the scene of the street, not the forest. She backed up and looked back and forth between the two of them. They were both on the same wall and only a few feet between them. There was no way that they could be the same area though. 
Brie moved towards the street window and stuck her head out looking both directions. The houses along the sides of her looked to go on for a time and there was no sign of even a tree. Brie moved back and looked over to the women in the forest. She looked around that one and saw the forest going on for miles. 
“Hey!” She called out to them. None of them seemed to hear her. “Hello!” She yelled louder. 
She reached out her hand to touch one of the women closest to her touching her shoulder lightly. The woman turned slightly as though sensing that there was something there but she didn’t look at Brie. Instead her eyes passed right through her.  
Moving her hand around a little, the woman looked at her shoulder as though looking for a bug there. She swatted at her own shoulder but even when she did hit Brie’s hand it didn’t hurt. 
Brie reached over and picked up a blanket next to them that they had just finished washing. The women saw the blanket and it must have looked possessed because one of them yelled “Ghost!” and started hitting at it. Brie dropped the blanket then pulled her hand back out of the window. The women in the window gathered their things and started running through the forest, leaving the blanket there. 
To Brie’s surprise the window moved. Right through the forest following the women. If she hadn’t have been able to pick up the blanket and touch the woman she would have said it was some kind of a movie or TV show. But it had felt real. The faric between her fingers had felt as real to her as the fabric of her shirt. 
She backed away slowly from the forest window and banged into the window on the other side of the hallway. This window held another street but it was a completely different street. This one was in the night and it had an actual road with egg shaped things on the sides of it. All of the houses were very uniform in appearance and all seemed to be made out metal. The street was completely void of life and it looked extremely clean and well taken care of. 
Brie looked down the hallway again. It seemed to go on for a few hundred more feet. She started to walk down the hallway glancing in each of the windows as she passed. All of the ones on her left seemed to be the same fancy, metal, nighttime genre. And the windows on her right were all of the middle ages town and farms and were filled with people enjoying the day. 
When she reached the end of the hallway she had counted twenty different windows. Ten for each wall. She could feel herself picking at her finger nail polish which was something she only did whenever she was nervous.
Standing in front of her was a large purple wooden door. The handle of it was simple and golden. Above the door was that same word that she had seen on the computer back in the shed. Jipsolom.
Taking one last look at the hall and realizing that there was no need for her to stay, she turned the knob. Alarms started going off all around her head. She panicked not knowing what was going on and what she was supposed to do. 
Brie jumped back as the door slammed open, swinging inches from her nose. Three of the large guards she had seen in the second window came marching into the room and two of them grabbed her by the arms. The third came behind her and just stood there. They didn’t try to move her or anything, just hold her in place. 
A small pyramid shaped object flew into the room and then hovered right in front of her face. The top point beamed a rainbow of light, scanning her body. 
Once the object finished the scan it immediately said, “My deepest apologies Princess Brielle. We were thought that there may have been an intruder. We did not mean to disturb you. Release her, Widgets.”
The guards released her arms and went to stand behind the pyramid. Brie got a better look at them now since they weren’t so far away and also not attacking her. She saw that she had been right to be confused if they were robots or humans because up closer she could see that they were, in fact, cyborgs of some sort. 
Their hair, although in different styles, was silver and they had one mechanical, whirring, eye. Their clothes were all silver as well and each of them had one fake, metal, golden hand. They also had purple headbands and purple arm bands.  
“The queen wishes to inform you that you are indeed supposed to be in bed at this hour Princess Brielle. Good night, sorry for the inconvenience, Princess.” The pyramid turned and flew back out of the room and the cyborgs followed, leaving Brie standing there all alone. 
What had just happened? Who were those men? Why were they calling her Princess Brielle? How do they know her name? No one ever called her Brielle except for her parents. 
All of these questions whirled around her head and she fell against the wall again. She has never really done well with anxiety and stress and right now she had an awful lot of that. Taking a look around she realized something she should have noticed a long time ago, where was Kenny, Brody, Zander, and Avi?


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