A girls parents mysteriously disappear when she is a child. Ten years later she find out where they went, a city on the other side of the prism where they may be the only chance at saving the world, from themselves.


4. The Shed

Brie and Zander, who had finally made it down the stairs in his drowsy state, ran out after her. The doors to the shed were swinging open in the wind. The sun had started to go down which made the air frigid and unbearable. When they reached the doors Brie stopped short. 
She had only ever seen through the small windows in the sides of the shed which were distorted by years of warping, but she had never actually seen the inside of it. The whole thing looked like a science lab and everything was either metal or a wire. There were a few computers sitting along one wall and she could smell the rust in the room. 
Brody and Avi were sitting in the middle of the room gazing in awe at all of the equipments around them. They seemed to come out of their state of wonder once Kenny started yelling at them. 
“I told you anywhere but here! You could get supplies for your robot anywhere but in the shed! I was very specific about it!” She was as red as a cherry and her hands were clenched ready to punch. Brie had never seen her this angry. Usually she was pretty chill about things but she was steaming this time. 
“But Kenny there is so much good material in here that I can use! Look, spare pieces are just laying around everywhere.” Brody was right. The floor was cluttered by broken pieces of metal all torn and crunched. 
“This was your parents shed. This is where they did all of their work. Nothing in here is to be disturbed. You know that they hated when their stuff was touched.” 
“NO! I don’t Kenny! I don’t know anything about them! Maybe that’s because you act like if you say their name your eyes are going to melt out of your head. You can’t even acknowledge their existence! Did you hate them or something?”
“You think that I would show up when they disappeared and just try to raise you two all on my own if I didn’t love them and you guys. What happened to your parents was a tragedy and it’s just hard to talk about.”
“Well you could try! Brie and I deserve to know.” He gestured towards her. Zander had closed the door behind them because the wind outside was growing stronger and the temperature was lowering. 
“I will tell you!” Kenny retaliated, “But only when I feel like you are ready!”
‘“We aren’t kids anymore Kenny! Why won’t you let me use this? It’s not like they need it anymore! They are never coming back Kenny! Ten years is long enough to wait for them,” he kicked a piece of metal next to him feet sending it flying across the room, “and their stupid lab,” he kicked another piece, “to come back!”
Brody kicked one last piece and it flew across the room hitting a button. The entire shed seemed to jump to life. Lights were flashing and the computers were booting up. Brody didn’t seem to notice though because he had gone into an all out tantrum, kicking and punching anything in his way. 
Kenny looked around frantically. Brie saw a terrified look in her eyes. “Avi, Zander, stop him!” Kenny yelled.
They all started jumping into the middle of the room trying to stop Brody from breaking anything else. Everyone except for Brie. She stood watching the computers. They seemed to be logging into some kind of a sequence. There was a whirling mechanical sound around their heads and she watched as some metal arms emerged from the walls. They all linked in the center making a snowflake shape between the six of them. 
The arms started turning and spinning above their heads picking up the speed as they went. Brie couldn’t tell one from the next within a few seconds. She looked back over to the group who were still fighting one another in an all out rage. 
The light became intensely bright in a surge of energy. Brie had felt this before. It was the same energy from her dream. She looked back towards the computers and the last thing she saw was one flashing word before the blinding lights overcame her. 


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