A girls parents mysteriously disappear when she is a child. Ten years later she find out where they went, a city on the other side of the prism where they may be the only chance at saving the world, from themselves.


2. The Pucketts

    Brie woke in a panic. She looked around to find the source of the buzzing but couldn’t find one. Her head was aching from the memory of hitting her head in the dream. She reached up to make sure it wasn’t real and only found the slight indent of her birthmark at the top of her ear, she sighed as she realized that it was only a dream. The same dream. The dream that had been waking her for the past ten years.  She hated it when this happened but the nightmare wasn’t getting any better. In fact it was getting worse. Everytime the dream got a little more vivid and a little louder and a lot more terrifying. 
    Her clock read 5:58 am so the alarm would be going off in a few minutes anyways. Sighing, she threw off her sheets and walked over and turned on her lights. The sudden light shocked her eyes and she walked blind towards her bed, stumbling over a few piles of clothes laying on the ground. Bri
    By the time she got over to the bed her alarm was blaring at her. Smacking it with the palm of her hand she groaned and flopped back onto the bed. She had never really been a morning person. Her phone started buzzing from somewhere within her bed where she had left it when she fell asleep the night before. Feeling around for it she had to push aside her pile of elephant pillows. She found it and answered in a grumpy voice.
    “Ugh! I’m up okay!” 
    “Well, someone had another nightmare last night,” they answered in a calm and sarcastic voice. “How bad was it this time?” 
    Zander was the only person she had ever told about these nightmares besides her brother. He knew how badly they scared her. 
    “It was a lot more vivid tonight. I actually talked to my mom this time. She was telling me to go back to bed and that everything was going to be okay right before it happened. “
    “That’s a lot more than last weeks dream.” Zander answered.
Brie had been having these dreams about once a week lately. They used to be every other month, then every month, then every other week, and now she was frequenting them every week. 
“Ya I know. It all seems so real. Plus I hit my head in the same place where my birthmark is on my ear. It seriously starting to feel real Zander.”
There was a pause on the other end of the line, “It’s probably just your subconscious something or other. Tell you what. I will be over there in about 45 minutes then we can decipher this together. Okay?”
“Okay. See ya then.” Brie went to hang up when Zander yelled, “Good morning by the way!” 
Brie giggled, “Good morning to you too. She hung up the phone smiling to herself. Zander always knew how to wake her up. Brie got off her bed realizing that she had to get ready for school. She looked out her dark window and saw small flakes of snow falling from the sky and landing softly on her window. It was going to be cold today but Brie was okay with that. Today was the last day of school before Christmas break for the next two weeks. 
She got in and out of the shower in about ten minutes then started brushing out her hair while choosing out an outfit. Choosing a large sweater and some jeans and boots she pulled them all on trying to keep her hair from getting them wet. She didn’t like exactly how the clothes looked on her but she knew that if she started changing outfits she would never have time to finish getting ready. 
She was midway through blow drying her hair when she heard her older brothers loud alarm clock go off playing a Queen song. Brody always woke up at 6:30 but he was actually good at mornings unlike Brie. 
Brody crashed around in his room before coming in to make sure that Brie was awake. He opened the door and waved. It was the same wave he gave her every morning. One that said “Thanks for getting up, I’m gonna go to the bathroom now.”
Brie smiled and waved back with bobby pins in her teeth and half her hair pulled up into a french braid. She usually did some kind of a braid or a bun in her hair because it kept her hair out of her face while also not being just a ponytail, which is a look she had sported every day for a few years before she realized the magic of braids and buns. 
Once she was mildly satisfied with her outfit and look she ran down to the kitchen for breakfast. Her aunt Kennedy was sitting on one of the bar stools drinking a fair amount of coffee for what time of day it was. 
“Morning Brie,” she said as Brie walked by. Brie waved and walked over to the fridge. The only things in there were a few apples, some leftover pizza, and what she guessed was once a jar of jelly. She pulled out some leftover pizza and threw it into the microwave and set it for 45 seconds. Just as it was almost done, the front door swung open. 
Brie heard the door fly open followed by a booming, “Good morning family of mine!” Avi came over every morning to get a ride to school with them and they had known him for so long that he basically was family. Brody and Avi had been friends for years.He had blue eyes and dark brown hair that was spiky at the top. He was a few inches taller than Brie which was impressive considering that she was five-ten. 
 Avi always had girls throwing themselves at him because he was the running back for the school football team and was also the class clown. He could become anyones friend in just a few minutes with his charm and charisma. Surprisingly though he never really took the bait. As far as anyone knew he hadn’t dated in a few months, “No one has really caught my eye, I don’t wanna waste my time on someone who doesn’t interest me,” he said every time he was asked about it. 
Brody and Avi had become friends in their math class a few years ago when Brody helped to get Avi through the class by tutoring him and Avi in turn helped Brody to get his first girlfriend. They later found out that they lived just a block away and became even better friends.  
“Morning,” they chorused back. Brody came barreling down the stairs with his hair still matted in places but still looking pretty great considering he woke up five minutes before. His backpack was overflowing with papers of different sketches for projects he wanted to start but never did. Aunt Kennedy always told him that he got that from his parents because they were always inventing things too. 
Brody wasn’t as tall or muscular as Avi but he wasn’t exactly ugly. A few of the girls at the school had crushes on him but he was too enveloped in his work to realize it. His long blond hair covering his eyes might not have been helping either. 
“Dude! Did you hear about the new robotic fighting club they are starting at school? We should totally try that dude! Think about it, Little metal things just smacking on each other till one is in pieces. I could find some serious joy in that.” Brody help up a crumpled flyer with a picture of some homemade robots on it.
“Sounds great man but only if you build it and I get to drive it.” They smiled and high fived and Broddy looked like he couldn’t be happier. He had always been into the whole robotics scene and had even made a few small things in junior high that won a few awards but ever since high school he had worked his way into more of the music scene instead. 
“How’s my favorite girl?” Avi asked wrapping his arm around Brie’s shoulders. He shook her a little and even poked her sides until she couldn’t help but laugh.
“I’m great, just still waking up.”
“Haha, I get that one, sis. Mornings are the worst.”
The door opened and Zander walked right into the kitchen. He, like Avi, was pretty much family except for the he was Brie’s friend and not Brody’s. He and Brie had been friends ever since he moved in about seven years ago next door. He was almost always at their house and he was Brie’s best friend. 
“Hello and good morning Puckett’s.” Zander was about as tall as Brie but his curly hair made him look a few inches taller. He had some acne on his face but not much more than the average teen. He didn’t have many friends but neither did Brie so it worked out well for them to have each other for friends. 
“Hey darling, how is your mom doing today?” Asked Aunt Kennedy.
“She is doing better, the doctor said that she should be home by next week.” Zanders mom had been in a specialized hospital for a few weeks now after having a mental breakdown when his dad left them. Zanders grandma was staying with them but she had memory loss problems so Zander had been hanging out at Brie’s house a lot more often and left his sisters to take care of his grandma. 
Nobody in the Puckett family minded. They knew what it was like to lose your parents and Aunt Kennedy (or Kenny as everyone called her) was very accepting. She was usually down in her office working on a painting or sculpture of some kind for her art gallery. Her work was so good she had buyers all around the world waiting on a piece so she was usually too busy working to care who was in or out of the house anyways. She always found time for Brie and Brody though. 
Kenny had been only 21 when their parents had disappeared and she was asked to take care of them. Her brother was their dad and she had been very close to their family before their parents went missing, but no one knew where their parents had gone and their grandparents were even more cut off than Kenny. She stepped in without question and had raised them on their own for the past ten years. 
There had always been a sort of mystery behind what had happened to their parents. The only thing that Brie had been told was that the police suspected a kidnapping but she didn’t know anymore than that. She had been six and Brody had been seven when it happened so neither of them could remember anything and Kenny didn’t like talking about it. Every time it was brought up she would find some way to change the subject immediately. It was ten years later now and even though Brie wanted to know more than anything what had actually happened to them, she had come to terms that the case had gone cold.
Brie pulled her pizza out of the microwave and took a bite, stringing out the cheese until Avi reached over and broke off a piece and ate it. She gave him a look and he just smiled back with his perfect smile. 
“That’s what you get for eating warm pizza. The whole point of leftover pizza is that you get to eat it the next day when it’s nice and cold.”
“Ya, I know. I just like it better when it doesn’t taste all rubbery and gross. Unlike you who eats bacon raw.” She retaliated.
“Hey! It’s not raw it’s pre cooked bacon, thank you very much, and it is still delicious.”
Zander reached around Brie and pulled out his own piece of cold pizza. He sat down and pulled out his book that he had to write an english paper about. He was only half way through and he was looking at it as if it were in some other language. 
“Isn’t that paper due tomorrow? How are you ever going to get it done if you haven’t even finished the book?” Brie asked.
“Trust me I’m trying. It’s just too boring and detailed. I almost have to translate every single line into something that I think might be right but could also be something completely different.”
“Is that Lord of the Flies?” Avi asked.
“Ya, have you read it?”
“Yep. I took that class last year. I didn’t understand it either. Honestly the only way I passed that project was because I went and looked up the chapter summaries online and then just read those. It’s actually a pretty good story as long as your don’t read the book.” He winked at Zander. 
Zander pulled out his phone and started to look them up on the spot. 
“Isn’t that cheating?” Brody asked.
“Only if you get caught. Plus, I read a form of the book which is basically like reading the book so I’m gonna count that as justified."
"Whatever man." Brody said.
"Come on kids, out the door. School starts in 20 minutes and you need to talk to your teacher Brie. Did everyone get enough food?" Kenny was pushing them out the door with their jackets and backpacks in hand. 
"Yes. Bye Kenny." They are answered back to her. 

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