A girls parents mysteriously disappear when she is a child. Ten years later she find out where they went, a city on the other side of the prism where they may be the only chance at saving the world, from themselves.


8. The Dungeons

    Zander had no clue what was going on around him.

    The woman in front of him was Brie’s mom. How was that possible? Zander hadn't known their family too well before they disappeared but he had met them at church gatherings and their family had come over a few times for dinner but that was all. He knew that the police had stopped looking for them because they thought that they had either left or had been killed but never once had the thought of finding them again had come over anyone.

Brody was staring at her like if he looked away she might disappear. Kenny was looking around frantically as if there was an answer hidden in the walls around them. Avi just looked like he was going to throw up again.

    "My queen," said a large man who was following right on her heels. He was wearing a white shirt with a purple sash across it that said, 'First Commander'. He also had a purple head and arm band with a mechanical eye like the guards holding them. As he spoke to the queen he had a deep voice.

"I swear there is nothing to worry about. It is probably just some of the commoners making a fuss over the new laws. Just go to bed my queen. I promise that I can take care of everything."

"I would sure hope so." She spat at him. Turning to leave the room she stopped when she saw them standing there. Her face turned instantly from anger to confusion.

She marched right up to Brody and grabbed his face with one of her hands, her long fingernails digging into his skin. Brody looked back at her with a mixture of confusion and awe on his face. They stood there staring at each other for probably two minutes.

Kenny was the first to speak. "Daleen?" She asked.

The queen turned towards her. Her large purple robes swishing around her feet hit Zander in the leg and he jumped a little in surprise. She turned on him and studied for a moment before backing away slowly.

"Impossible. You can't be here!" She was angry now. "Widgets! Send them to the dungeons and do not touch them until I say to! Do you understand?" She screeched the orders out to the guards. They each made an upside down triangle over their hearts with their thumbs and index fingers before bowing.

A red light started to blare and sirens went off. "My queen!" Said the large man. "Someone had attacked three of out Widgets in the SoBrie hallway."

"Turn off the alarms." The lights and sirens stopped right away. "I need to go visit an old friend."

The queen turned to rush out of the room in a whirl of purple faBriec around her. She was almost out the door when Kenny yelled after her.

"Daleen!" She waited till the queen had looked back at her. "It's nice to see you again." Kenny smiled and Daleen stood a moment looking in shock before resuming her storm out.

The Widgets holding them went and opened another door leading into another tunnel and they walked for another few minutes before they came to a large open room with six different cells around it. Three of them were occupied but the rest were empty. It was dark in the room, and the only light came from three of those floating pyramids. They were white this time and stationed all around the room. Six Widgets were also stationed around the room. One in front of each cell.

"Voler, cell five please." The Widget behind Kenny said with a robotic voice. One of the pyramid, which seemed to be named Voler, flew to an empty cell on the left side of the room. The top point sent out a golden light to where the key would have gone in and the door swung open. The Widgets didn't take any kind of caution when putting them in the cell. They threw them in one by one, Avi landed on a pile of hay sitting in one corner of the room and didn't get back up. Brody stumbled a little before getting back on his feet and seemed to break out of the haze he had been in.

"Hey! I wanna talk to her again!" Brody slammed his shoulder against one of the Widgets and bounced right off of his chest. The Widget turned and pushed him into the back wall. Brody fell to a heap at the bottom. Kenny just stood in the middle of the cell and started crying. Her legs gave out and she sobbed on the ground as the Widgets closed the cell door.

Zander looked around at his friends all laying on the ground in despair. He had never seen any of them like this. They had all been headstrong and courageous. If he had been expecting anyone to breakdown it had been him, but here he was, the only one still standing. The only who could still think for himself.

Taking note of this he realized that if they were ever going to get out of here he was going to have to be strong for all of them. Zander took a deep breath and started examining the cell.

There was a pile of hay in the back left corner that Avi had fallen onto. A hole in the ground in the back right corner which Zander could only assume was supposed to be the equivalent of a toilet. The room smelled like a sewage from it. There wasn’t much light in the room except for the light coming from the floating pyramids.

Brody was sitting against the right wall next to the cell bars. He seemed to be deep in thought so Zander decided to leave him alone for a little while. Kenny had moved out of the center of the room against the left wall and had fallen asleep with some hay as a pillow.

Avi was the one that Zander was really worried about. They had probably been here for an hour and he was still sick, and he didn’t seem to be getting any better. Zander sat next to him and felt his forehead. He was burning up and really pale. When Zander tried to roll him over Avi didn’t stir at all.

Brody had always been the smart one when it came to sicknesses. Zander looked over at him and saw him looking at Avi too.

“He needs help,” Zander said.

“Ya well whatever he has I don’t know how to help him. If anyone would it would be someone out there.” He gestured outside of the cell then got to his feet and started yelling. “Do you hear that you stupid triangles? Our friend is sick and he needs help! So why don’t you fly off and find someone to help us?”

Brody hit the cell bar in front of him and a flash of light went through the cell. He was thrown back again the back wall. He stayed on his feet but he had gotten the wind knocked out of him. The flying pyramids had all turned red and all were in front of the cell. Each of them scanned the cell before turning white again and returning to their previous positions around the room.

Zander and Brody looked at each other with the same question on their minds, “What are we going to do?”

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