A girls parents mysteriously disappear when she is a child. Ten years later she find out where they went, a city on the other side of the prism where they may be the only chance at saving the world, from themselves.


1. Prologue - The Dream


    The air was warm and humid as the little girl trudged across the yard, her stuffed elephant dragging along behind her. The mud was up to her ankles and the toy was covered in the gooey brown substance by the time she reached the shed. There was an electric feeling in the air around the shed. Looking in the window the girl saw her parents bustling around inside. They had an excitement about them as they connected their computers to the machine.

    Knowing she wasn’t allowed to go inside the girl knocked on the window. The parents inside were too busy with their computers to notice. She knocked again, a bit louder this time. Her mom, finally noticing her behind the glass walked around to the door and the girl ran around to her.

    “What’s wrong, darling?” she asked. “Is it the monster under the bed again?” The girl nodded her head. The mom took her into her arms and caressed her hair pulling out the few tangles caused by the wind. “They aren’t real, sweetheart. I have told you that before, but even if they were, all you have to do is tell them that it is your house and if you don’t leave you’re gonna have to show them who is boss. Only you are able to choose what happens to you. Don’t let the big scary monsters push you around.” The little girl smiled and drew back from her mom.

    “Dawn!” The father screamed. “Dawn, I think we have something here! Hurry quickly!”

    The mom looked back at her daughter. “Go back to bed sweetheart. I will see you in the morning. Oh but don’t take that with you.” She took the ragged elephant from the little girl love you.” She kissed her forehead then ran back into the shed.

    The curious little girl, not wanting to go back to bed, looked back into the window. There were wires and extension cords stretching from wall to wall and equipment filling the entire perimeter of the room. In the middle of the room stood a giant triangular metal prism. in the center stood a smaller version of the prism on a stand. It looked to the little girl to be  crystal or diamond.

    She could hear her parents yelling to each other from across the room but couldn’t make out any actual words through the glass. From the looks of happiness and determination she could tell that whatever her parents had spent her whole life working on in that shed, was about to pay off.

    Her dad punched in a few things into the computer then walked over to the prism. He adjusted it very carefully then pulled back his hands as if afraid to breathe on it. Her mom was on the other side of the room standing next to a large lever mounted on the wall. The little girl saw her dad check his computer once more and then count down from three.

    It all happened so fast. The second he reached “one” her mom pulled the lever downward and the little girl was shot across the yard. She felt her ear hit a rock but she was too mesmerized by the shed to care. The entire thing was lit up like a Christmas tree and had streams of light coming out of the windows in a rainbow of colors.

    The surge was over just as quickly as it had started and it seemed as if all of the energy that had been in the air had been sucked dry. The little girl sat up and ran across to the shed and watched the last remaining bits of light run out before the shed turned to complete darkness. The girl looked for any signs of her parents but didn’t get the chance to call out for them before the loud buzzing filled her ears.

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