A girls parents mysteriously disappear when she is a child. Ten years later she find out where they went, a city on the other side of the prism where they may be the only chance at saving the world, from themselves.


7. Meeting Z

    Brie had moved out into the hallway but was still utterly confused as to what was going on. Other than the cyborg guys and the flying purple pyramid, she hadn’t seen anyone in the entire place. So far she had moved down the left side of the hall outside the door and figured that if she just kept going she would find something that would give her a clue about where she was. 
    She was about to step around a corner when she heard a clatter coming from there. Panicking, she ran and hid behind the curtains hanging next to the window. It was dark out there so it should be easy for her not to be seen. 
    The person who made the clatter seemed frustrated as there was more clanking that sounded like he was picking up whatever he had dropped. His footsteps were light and silent though. Brie waited a few seconds before peeking around the curtain to see who had was there. 
    “Zander!” She said, louder than she had been expecting to. He jumped about two feet off of the air and dropped the tray he had been holding. It made the same clattering sound as before as he spun around to face her assuming a very defensive stance.
    “Zander, I can’t believe it’s you! What is going on here?” 
    Then she was on the group and Zander was kneeling over her with his arm across her neck holding her down. She couldn’t breathe well and started flailing her arms trying to get him off of her but he was immovable.
    “What are you doing down here? You are supposed to be in bed Brielle!” The fierce look in his eyes terrified her. 
    “Y-you have never called me Brielle,” she choked out. “What’s going on Zander?”
    His grip loosened a little. “How do you know my real name?” His face was now filled with curiosity more than anger. He looked her up and down, “Who are you?”
    “I’m Brielle, but not the one everyone here keeps talking about. Who are you?”
    Zander released his grip and got off of her. “Haha, I should have known you weren’t her. She never would have given herself away while attacking.” He smiled and held out his hand to help her up. 
    Brie hesitated before taking his hand but decided that it should be okay since his demeanor had changed dramatically. He pulled her up and she almost flew forward from how fast he pulled her up. Once she had gotten her balance she turned back to him. 
    His eye was like the ones that had been on the cyborgs but it wasn’t as bulky or noticeable. Brie’s eyes stung as a sudden light turned on. When her eyes had adjusted she saw that the light was coming from his eye like a flashlight. It was pointed right at her and it illuminated the rest of the room. 
    “Woah,” he said, “You look exactly like her! How are you doing that?” He got closer to her face examining every detail of her. He stopped when he got to her right ear. “Well she doesn’t have that so I guess you aren’t doing a very good job at this stint at sabotage hu?” Brie reached up self consciously and touched her ear, feeling the missing piece in the top bend on her ear. 
    “So, Im’ going to ask you one more time. Who are you?”
    “I told you, I’m Brie. Or Brielle, whatever you wanna call me. But I’m not the person you keep talking about.”
    “Where are you from? SoBrie or Kostenlos?”
    “Uh, I’m from Virginia. Like in the United States of America?” Brie hoped that this was a good enough answer for him. When his eyes grew wide and his mouth started to gape open she felt like she made a mistake until he saw the one thing that she least expected. 
    “I know your Dad!” He stated. 
    “You- you what?” What was he talking about. How could he possibly know her dad. She didn’t even know her dad.
    “Ya, Devin and I are pretty close. You must be his actual daughter from the other world, uh, Virginia. You have a brother too, right? His name is Broderick.”
    “Brody.” She corrected. 
    “Ya! That sounds right! Wait, how are you here? Why are you here? What’s going on? He told me that he would never see you again but you're right here!” Zander took her hand and started swinging them back and forth. His non-mechanical eye was lit up like a little boy getting what they want for Christmas. 
    “Zander,” she started.
    “Don’t call me that.” He dropped her hands abruptly and got very serious. “No one here knows my real name. And I would kinda like for it to stay that way, if you don’t mind.” 
    “Then what do I call you?”
    “Z.” He said. 
    “Z? Like the letter?”
    “Yep. That’s my name here. Trust me, it’s safer if they don’t get your real name.”
    “Why is that?” She asked. 
    “I will explain that later but right now you need to go and see your dad!” He grabbed her arm and started pulling her around the corner he had just come around. Realizing what was happening she pulled back. 
    “Wait! I can’t just go and see my dad! He is gone! Dead! I don’t know what kind of a sick prank this is but I hate it. I never thought that you would do something this evil to me Zander.” She could feel her eyes watering up.  
    “First, it’s Z.” Brie scoffed at him. “Second, this isn’t a prank, assuming that means a trick of some sort since I have never actually heard that word before. This is real. You are really here.”
    “And where exactly is here? Cause I have no clue where I am.” Brie was fuming at this point and didn’t exactly care how rude she was coming off as. The thing that made her most angry was how calm Zander, or Z, was. He acted like this information was something that she already knew. 
    “You don’t know where you are? How have you not seen one of the thousands of signs all around the castle?” He pointed to the top of the window next to them and in the shining golden letters she saw that same word that had been in the shed and the strange hallway. Jipsolom. 
    “Gip-So-Loom?” She tried to get the word to make the right sounds in her mouth but it wasn’t quite working. 
    “Close, but it’s pronounced Jyp-So-Lum.”
    “Jipsolom.”She recited back. 
    “Exactly! Now, I’m not meaning to rush you but you need to come with me. The Widgets will be patrolling this area in just a few minutes.”The sounds of grinding metal started coming from down the hallway behind them. He held his hand out for her to take this time. At this point Brie had decided that this definitely wasn’t the same Zander that she knew, but that didn’t take away the trustworthy look he gave her. The metal grinding got closer and closer as she considered her options.  
    Brie reached out her hand and Z took it and started around the corner just as the metallic sound got close to the hall they had been in. Z led her towards the door and pushed her through before stopping short. 
    “The tray!” He shouted as a whisper. He pushed Brie in the door. “Stay here. I will be right back.” Brie watch him run back down to the hallway they had just been in and he hurriedly picked up the tray and the few bottles that had been on it. 
    Just as he was turning the corner to come back to the door he was engulfed in a purple light. “Stop!” Yelled a robotic voice that Brie couldn’t see. Z didn’t look scared or mad when he turned to face the light. In fact, he looked more annoyed than anything. Maybe even amused. 
    “Hello Widgets. How are you on this grand night?” Z smiled right at them as three of the cyborg men approached him.
    Two of the Widgets grabbed his arms and the third stood behind him. They just stood for a few second and Z looked as though this was the move uneventful day of his life. A purple pyramid flew into Brie’s view and scanned Z.
    “Hi, Voler. I like the new beam. The colors really give it a nice touch.” 
    “Subject identified as Z. Castle servant. Please return him to his living place.” The purple pyramid flew away and the three Widgets turned to started down the hall.
    “Ya know guys, I think that I can find my way there on my own. Thanks though.” He tried to pull his arms out of their grip but they didn’t give. 
    “We are instructed to take you to your living space. Please do not struggle.” Said the Widget behind him with the robotic voice.     
    “Well then we have a problem don’t we? Because I’m not going to my living space.” He elbowed the Widget to his right and it fell backwards not expecting the blow. Z used his free hand to uppercut the Widget on his right in the chin, the Widget behind him grabbed his waist and lifted him off his feet. 
    Z reached around behind the Widgets neck and pulled something out. The Widget immediately dropped down to the ground in a heap of flesh and metal. The Widget who had taken the elbow started to get up and Z reached over and pulled something out of his neck and that one dropped too. 
    The remaining Widget had just gotten his head to stop spinning when Z kicked it’s head and it fell to the ground. He reached over and pulled something out of the last ones neck, calmly picked up the tray and bottles again, and walked over to where Brie had been watching from behind the door. Her mouth was hanging open and she couldn’t find any words to say. 
    Z pocketed whatever he had taken out of the Widgets the grabbed her hand. “Come on, we need to go. They are going to be looking for me now.” Brie took one last look at what he had done, now more terrified than ever, then started down the tunnel letting the door close behind her. 

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