A girls parents mysteriously disappear when she is a child. Ten years later she find out where they went, a city on the other side of the prism where they may be the only chance at saving the world, from themselves.


6. Captured

Zander could only feel a jumble of arms and legs before they were falling. It only lasted a few seconds but when they hit the ground, they hit hard. 
He landed flat on his back, knocking the wind out of him immediately. There were moans and grunts coming from all around him. Once he had gotten his breath back he sat up and found that Brody, Kenny, and Avi were laying on their backs too. 
It was hard to see them since it was so dark but Zander could make them out well enough. Kenny was holding her wrist and Brody was holding his head but Avi looked as fine as Zander before he turned green, leaned over, and barfed up something resembling peppermint candycanes. 
Zander got up to his feet and started looking around. They seemed to be in some kind of an oval arena. The space around them was empty and the whole place looked like it was made out of rubber. It was about the size of a football field from end to end. There were TVs covering almost every inch of the walls but most of them were turned off. There were some opening leading out of the room. There was no doors just openings and the ceiling was a dome of glass triangle reaching up thirty feet. 
A large blimp was flying around with a banner that said, "Curfew will be enforced. Goodnight." A flashing tv on the wall had different fonts of two words that he had never seen before. 
Sobrie Jipsolom. 
Zander looked back at the rest of them. There was one person he hadn't seen, Brie. Everyone else was up on their feet already and looking around but it was only the four of them there. Brie wasn't with them. 
"Hey, where's Brie?" He asked them. 
"I have no clue." Brody answered. "Better question, where are we?" 
There was a silent pause as they looked around. They were standing in the very center of the oval and there was grass everywhere except for six pathways steaming off from the metal platform that they were standing on. The whole place was spotlessly clean and empty. 
"What's that over there?" Avi said pointing towards one of the TVs on the walls. He started walking towards it and once his foot hit the ground a Brieght red light started flashing and the openings to the outside close with a clang of metal doors sliding out of the walls. 
Avi jumped back onto the platform and they all gathered together in the center. A few seconds later six smaller doors opened in the wall of the dome and two guards came out of each and ran up the pathways to the platform. They each grabbed an arm and the remaining four stood behind each of them. 
The guards looked to be half man, half robot. Zander couldn't see them too well but he could see a blue headband and armband. They moved the four of them into a line facing the one flashing tv on the wall. The TV started sliding down into the wall and a small object flew towards them. 
Zander could see once it got closer that it was a pyramid shaped object. It was a deep purple color while flying but it lit up into a lighter purple color. The top of it shot out a swirl of colors and it went up and down each of them in turn. When it finished it turned a yellow color. 
"Subjects identified. Commoners. Servants. Widgets, take them to the queen." The cyborgs jumped to life and took them down one of the pathways into one of the small doors. They pushed them through one by one with Avi in the front, then Kenny, then Brody, with Zander in the back. 
Everyone was too scared and confused to talk so they just followed silently. The guards took them through the door and into a dark tunnel. To illuminate the tunnel each of the guards turned on a light that seemed to be coming from their one mechanical eye. The tunnel wasn't very tall but no one had to duck down to walk through except for one of the guards who had a tall Mohawk. 
The tunnel was wide enough that they could have the guards shoulder to shoulder with them and still have a little leeway to move. After walking for probably ten minutes the tunnel grew wider and taller leading up to a tall purple wooden door that said "Jipsolom" above it. Zander still didn't know what this word meant but he made sure to take note to find out later. 
The guards all took them into a large room with columns down the sides and large windows along the side of the walls behind a large floating chair. 
"What is this Nathaniel! Never have I had an alarm go off twice in one night! You're lucky that I don't take this out of your living check!" 
Zander took in a good long look at the woman in front of him before it clicked. He knew her. But this is impossible! How could she be here? Where was here? What is going on? Maybe it wasn’t what he thought, after all he had just been through a lot. Maybe he was seeing things. 
All of these things in his mind came to a stop the second Brody whispered, “Mom?”


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