Ready To Run (One Direction Fanfiction)

Indigo Harris has done nothing but run since she was sixteen. Run from the man that had killed her mother right in front of her. Her father. The man she is desperately afraid of. The man she knew would kill her when he finally did catch her in the end. After running the last five years she comes across a small town that may finally be able to stay more than a couple months. As hard as she tries not to she quickly finds herself getting attached to not only the town but to the people as well. When her dad shows up in the town will she run leaving behind her new friends and the man she loves or will she stand and fight even if it ends with him taking her life just like he'd done to her mother.


1. On The Road


 My hands grip the steering wheel as I drive down the open road. I always get extra nervous when I drive at night. I reach over and turn on the radio so that I can drown out the sounds of crickets from outside the windows that are starting to drive me toward insanity. There hasn't been a car behind or in front of me for miles but out of habit I still check every few minutes. Scared that I'll see someone come out of the tall hay that is surrounding me on either side of the road.


  "Just breath Indigo. No ones coming" I mumble to myself. I take a deep breath when I feel myself start to shake.


 I get this way every night. The night was the easiest time to strike. I try to fight it but the memory slips into my head anyway................






  "Mom I'm home!" I yell as I run inside.


 I glance around seeing our suitcases sitting against the door where she sat them last night. We were going to run town again today. Mom got wind of news that he was coming looking in town. We had traveled from America to Europe when I was just eight years old and changed names. We had been careful not to share to much information about ourselves but that still didn't seem to work. We still had to keep moving.


 I run to her room but she's not there. I start to get nervous and look in the garage and the bathroom, still nothing. I run to the back yard and again see nothing. It isn't until I walk down the hall toward the kitchen, that I finally hear a noise. I feel my body start to tremble and move forward. Tears prick my eyes and a scream swells in my throat but I swallow it back down. In the middle of the kitchen floor was my mothers corpse staring up at the kitchens ceiling. A figure continuously stabs at her flesh, heaving blissful and giddy breaths of air. He must have felt eyes on him because he slowly turns his eyes meeting mine. Even though it had been years since I'd seen him, he looked almost exactly like he did before we'd ran. He is tall and strong but lean, skin tan and flawless and his short black hair brushed to the side. He truly is a beautiful man, but with a selfish and cruel heart. I grimace in spite of myself at the site of his deep blue/green eyes and full lips that match mine. The only to things that he'd ever given besides scars and nightmares.


  "Dad. Why...." I whimper trying to find the will to move.


  "Awwwwwww my poor Indigo. Why so sad" He says in response his voice smooth and charming yet menacing.


 My mother had always told me that was what drew her into him. His charm. The way he always knew what to say to make you drop your guard around him and melt in his arms. Though that was the thing I hated most about him. How many times had he lured me in with kind words just to beat my limbs black and blue. How many times had he gotten my hopes up that he'd changed just beat me all over again.


  "Your a horrible man" I say between sobs finally starting to back away.


  "Now now you can't talk to your father that way. Guess I'll have to teach you to respect your elders"


 He stands up and moves closer to me, the knife dripping with my mother blood and soon my own. I glance at my mother one more time before dashing down the hallway, my father moving fast behind me. I get to the living room before he catches me. I scream out in pain when I feel him bring the blade down into the flesh of my back. Thankfully I had yet to take off my backpack and it slowed the blow cutting through my notebooks in the bag making it barely pierce my skin. I fall to the ground hoping he will think it sunk in deeper. It seemed to work. He leaned over me ready to stab me again but my right hand hurry's to my pocket pulling out the mace mom had made me carry for years. I turn over quickly spraying his eyes. He lets out a monstrous scream his hands moving to wipe it out of his eyes so he can see. I slip out from under him letting my bag fall to the floor. I grab at the knife but he wont let go. A gasp escapes me when he starts thrashing it everywhere trying to hit me. I whimper as it cuts into my side. I move back and grab the lamp from the side table and bring it down onto his head. Blood gushes from the side of his head it impacted but he still heads toward me. The knife drops from his hand and he growls bringing fist after fist down onto my flesh. I grit my teeth to keep from crying, not wanting him to see me beg. I felt ready to give up but my mothers face flashes in my head, as if to tell me to keep fighting, to keep going.


 With the little strength I've got left I bring my leg up and plunge it into my fathers gut. Rolling out of the way I he falls forward. I grab the knife before he can reach it. His eyes glare at me, darker than ever before. My hand tightens around the blade as I try to keep calm. Even with me having the upper hand I was terrified of him. And not matter how hard I tried to hide it he could always see it lingering in my eyes.


  "I told your mother the day she ran with you that I would find you both. You can't run from me Indigo" He said his voice hard to read.


  "What did we ever do to you?" I ask begging him for some sort of answer.


  "You took every thing from me. I was going places. I was gonna make it big but then your mother had to get pregnant with you. Then we had to drop all our hopes and dreams just to take care of you. I wanted to put you up for adoption but no your mother wasn't having that. All she cared about was you. The more I look at you the more I see nothing but my life ticking away from me, but some how I still love you. I guess it's just something a father is destined to feel. Some how that won't go away. I loved your mother too. She meant the world to me but I couldn't forgive her and I certainly can't forgive you either. You both have to pay for ruining my life. For taking everything away from me. I beat you and your mother as your payment for what you did to me. It could have gone on that way but your mother had to run. Now you both have to die as a bigger payment. To make up for messing up our earlier arrangement. Don't worry though my dear Indigo. Daddy will forgive you once your gone" He says his voice both menacing and delicate.


 I felt my stomach twist hearing his twisted sense of logic. I could see the love he held for me lingering in his eyes. Some how deep inside he loved me but it was shrouded by his sick sense of justice. It hurt to know that to him I was the cause of my mothers death and all the beatings we had both received. Had I really done this. Had this all really been my fault. Did I really ruin their lives. An image of them happy without me living in luxury with love for each other still growing strong makes a shocking wave of nausea and guilt wash over my stomach. I had ruined everything for them just by existing.


  "If you really wanted a better life you should have just left mom and I and went on your way. It's not my fault your a sorry excuse for a human being it's your own" I say to him with venom leaking into my voice.


 He let out a bellowing scream trying to run at me again but I dodged him the blade plunging into his gut. I raise the blade again to strike him but for some reason I can't. I hate him so much but my heart still aches for him. There's still love for my father that won 't fade. Memories of when I was still really young and we were still happy ringing into my head. He took advantage of my hesitation and tackles my legs sending me tumbling back to the ground again.


 I cry out bringing my leg up again this time into his bloodied gut. I pull and squirm until I'm finally free again. I stagger up from the floor racing to my mothers room. I pull the painting she has off the wall and rip back the wallpaper to expose the whole she'd created when we had moved in. I pull out the $248,000 dollars she had worked hard to save up and stash for me in case our father ever found us. I grab a bag from moms closet and shove the money in just I hear my father limping fast toward the door. I know I'm not strong enough to beat him but I am fast enough to escape, at least this time. I quickly grab my mothers car keys from her night stand and pull myself painfully through her window landing on the ground outside with a loud thud. I hear him yell for me as he enters the room and stumble toward the car unlocking and starting it with shaking hands. I look out the review mirror to see him coming toward me and turn to speed of just as he yells to me.


  "You can't escape I'll find you. There's no where you can run from me"


 His words felt like ice being applied to my whole body as I took off. I didn't stop driving until I got to the next town. Luckily I had left my school gym clothes in moms car a couple days back and I quickly changed into them and head inside the gas station to get a full tank. My hair was a mess from being pulled in the fight and my left eye swollen. My lip had a big gash and my arms were bruised. The clerk stared at me shocked but seemed to pity me so she didn't cause me any trouble. I check the car before getting back in, already feeling my self grow paranoid. I drove to the port that my mom had paid money to each month to get them to agree to hide us on board and overseas without anyone knowing. The man only had to take one look at me to know what had happened and his eyes filled with sadness they had really liked my mom and had always been really nice to me.


  "It's so bright out tonight" I say the weird code my mom created. She always told me the strange saying made her smile when I asked why she'd picked it of all things. I smile for a quick second remembering her smile before a frown falls onto my face again.


  "This way Indigo" the man says placing a warm hand to my shoulder.



 I offer to pay him some extra money for escorting me to the man they have at the docks in case of accidents but he refuses it and the male nurse lifts  my shirt eyeing my scars. He told me he's surprised that I made it this far without passing out and starts to sew up the cuts in my skin, handing me an ice pack to help with the swelling in my face. When he's done they lead me to where they keep the cargo hiding me behind a big wooden crate they say said wouldn't move on the journey over to Canada from London. I nod in thanks and the man gives me the second half of the sub he'd been eating and a bottle of water. I give him a grateful smile as he walks away. I know they wish they could do more but my father is a dangerous man and they all have their own families to think of. It isn't until I'm sure they're gone that I let myself break down and cry.


 I was on my own now. My mother gone and laying lifeless on the kitchen floor. My father doing his best to probably heal up his wounds before hunting me down. I feel myself grow sick as I thought of how just this morning before I'd left for school my mother had been scared but still alive and happy, and how if we had left then instead of me going to school today to avoid suspicion she would be here with me now and we would both be safe. My mother safe though, she's gone and it's all my fault. If only I could go back and beg her to leave right then. If only I could change being born to my parents and not to someone else. As selfish as it sounds though I wouldn't want that. I loved the mother I had and wished for my father to love me. To love me more than his dreams I had stolen from him. To love both mom and I more, But he is cruel and I would spend my whole life running from him.


 (End Of Flashback)


 I had lived in Canada for three years after that moving from place to place every couple months trying to keep myself hidden. Working every job I could get to keep money saved up. Stealing a new car every other town so they wouldn't track me. Changing my name each time so my father couldn't ask around. Though my father had caught up with me when I'd turned nineteen, after my neighbor had sold me out to save his life, only for my father to take it in the end anyway. I had managed to get away but not without a few stabs to my stomach. I had paid a cab driver to take to the next town over and then I had run to the hospital collapsing on the floor of the emergency room my blood covering my hands. Before I lost consciousness I told the nurse and doctor that had run over that my father was after me and trying to kill me and I needed to be hidden. I woke up hours later in a hospital bed and a doctor watching over me. He told me if I'd shown up any later I probably wouldn't have made it but that since I'd gotten there when I did I was going to be fine. They made me stay there for a few days, under police supervision and then the police had me sign up under witness protection before smuggling me across the border back into America. They had set me up with a job and just as I thought I might actually be able to stop running, the crew my father had acquired to hunt me had caught wind of me and I had to run again. This time leaving behind the safety of witness protection again. I have spent the last couple years on the run here in America too.


 I glance at myself in the mirror almost not recognizing myself. My skin paler than usual and my arms covered in bruises that I had gotten in the last town I was in when a man from my fathers crew had again caught up with me. Though the worst of all was the tired look in my eyes. I was growing tired of running and I didn't know how much longer I could before my father finally catches up to me. I sigh in relief as the sun starts to rise on the horizon and I could see my surroundings better. I pull into Grand Lake, Colorado pleasantly surprised by the population size 460. it had been awhile since I had been to a small town but I love staying in them and this is the smallest one I've stayed at so far. Hopefully I will be able to stay here for a few months before my father catches on to where I am. I search for different apartments in the area looking for a place to stay.

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