New era for a new age

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  • Published: 20 Dec 2016
  • Updated: 21 Jan 2017
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It is a new dawn for the 20th century, 2028 has just begun and steam-power has taken technology over. But, one day when the world is struck with a power crisis. The government seeks out for advanced inventors from all of the countries, it'll take four inventors with unlikely talents to save the whole world from this world wide problem.


9. Scanning and tracking


I blink a bit and look at him confused. From the way he was looking at me, he was serious and I guess that all of this can cause a serious issue to their mission. I sigh and flop down on to my couch and put my head in my hands, I feel someone sit next to me and rub my back.

"It's only been a few hour's and I've already messed up.." I say

"Micheal....don't say that. Frederick and I have made countless mistakes in the past, you just made a simple mistake that can be helped and fixed." Noa tells me.

I give her a look and sigh again, "But this mistake is a major set back in your mission."

" it's not. Trust me, a major set back would be if that she stole you. But your still here and that's all we need." she adds.

I look at her and nod, she smiles and messes up my hair a bit. Frederick chuckles a bit and smiles for the first time that I've known him.

"Alright screw ball, I'm gonna give you some just so that the tracker's don't set us back. But first, get dressed and I'll make some breakfast for us. After that we're making our way to no man's land." He say's

"No man's land? Where's that at?"

Noa smirks, "The center of the where the fabled city stand's."

My eye's get huge, " don't mean.."

"That's right, where the Lost City used to be."

"WE'RE GOING TO ATLANTIS!?!" I ask excitedly.

They snort and laugh a bit at my excitement a bit.


After a few hours, we all head out to the ship's. I look around in wonder and curiosity.  Being a Inventor, it's hard to go to a new area without even knowing what it's like there and being that it's a dock with a bunch of steam engine boat's you can't help but stare in awe at all the fine machinery. Noa look's at me a bit and giggles, I look over at her and blush embarrassed.

"It's the first time I've ever been to a dock.." I say shyly

Noa smile's and nod's, "It's okay Micheal, I completely understand. Plus, your starting to show your true color's too."

I look at her confused. "True color's...?"

"Yea, you're finally showing your emotions and feeling's towards things." She says



Hey guy's sorry for not updating at a constant rate, I caught a nasty cold on the 23rd through the 25th, great Christmas right? Anyway, I hope your enjoying the story!  

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