New era for a new age

It is a new dawn for the 20th century, 2028 has just begun and steam-power has taken technology over. But, one day when the world is struck with a power crisis. The government seeks out for advanced inventors from all of the countries, it'll take four inventors with unlikely talents to save the whole world from this world wide problem.


5. It's your make it


Sitting there in complete silence for god know's how long, I slowly pick up the sphere and close the top. I look up at Noa and the major with a angered yet determined look across my face.

"So, what do we have to do? Create a new sphere with a more powerful gem?" I ask

Noa shakes her head, "We must destroy the chemical that the villain created."

"Do you guy's even know who that villain is?" 

"The Major and I have our hunches but we're not sure. That's why we need to find the fourth inventor, or better as a tracker." Noa explains.

I nod a bit and look at the Major. He looks angered, his arms are crossed over his chest and his mouth is clenched. I've known the Major for quite sometime but I've never seen him angry before.

"Major? Are you alright?" I ask

He sighs and then groans, "Just call me Fredrick, and no I am not okay. I've reported this to the U.S.P many times before, but they never looked into it. Being called Major is a honor that's earned, I'm going against it."

From what I could tell from Fredrick, He doesn't want to be apart of a  government that hide's secrets from their peers. I can relate, most of the time when I'm making a invention for them I just get the blueprints and create it but not knowing what it is.

Noa slowly stand's up, she tells us that she must return to home before someone notices that she's missing. Fredrick and I nod silently, she gather's her thing's and walks out of the shop. Fredrick looks at me sternly a bit and grabs the sphere from me and without a word he leave's right after Nao, I blink a bit and sigh. Now I couldn't concentrate, all that was on my mind was Nao saying that the world could end at any moment and if we didn't do something soon....the world that I know could vanish within a instant.

"What am I gonna do? No, how am I gonna do this!? Nao and Fredrick just need one more inventor but....what if we can't find them? What if I screw up?" I ask myself  

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