New era for a new age

It is a new dawn for the 20th century, 2028 has just begun and steam-power has taken technology over. But, one day when the world is struck with a power crisis. The government seeks out for advanced inventors from all of the countries, it'll take four inventors with unlikely talents to save the whole world from this world wide problem.


3. Inventions are broken


                    We slowly arrive upon my shop, the bus comes to a complete stop and Noa and I exit from the bus. Noa, from what I can tell must be a pretty out going person and is always ready for anything coming her way. With a sigh, I walk up to my shop and open it up and let her in, she look's around in wonder and curiosity.

                                        "Oh! What does this do!?" She asks pointing to a invention.

                        "That's a steam engine hydroponic compressor, if you don't want your whole hand to be cleaned off. I wouldn't touch that." I say and hang my bag, Noa blinks a bit and slowly step's away from the invention and goes to a different one.

                Before she could even ask her question, I interrupted her. "Everything you see here is a some type of weapon, everyday invention, a house hold machine and many more. The one that you are about to ask is top secret, I can't give you any further information on it."

                      "How come? Is it for like a war or something that's gonna happen?"

        I give her a look and roll my eyes, we both head to the back where my invention table is. I let Noa tinker with a few busted toy's, I look over at her and see that she's actually fixing it. I blink a bit and look at her confused.

"Your a inventor?" I ask

She look's up at me and shrugs, "Adventurer is more of my style but I guess you could say that." 


"Yea, you know people who travel around the world just to see, do and explore new thing's."

"Then why do you need to see the Major? I mean to me it looks like your just here to mess around." I say

        Noa blinks a bit and goes into deep thought, just before she's about to say something. The major comes in, from what I could tell he didn't look to happy. He give me a look and then looks at Noa, his eyes get huge.

"What in all of steamworks is SHE doing here?!"

"Nice to see you too Major." Noa says sarcastic 

I blink and look completely confused, the major and Noa start to break out into a verbal fight. I clear my throat loudly to get their attention, they look at me.

"Okay, mind telling me what in nut's and bolts is going on?" I ask

The major sigh's, "My sincere apologies Micheal, it's just that..This young woman right here. Is actually the head councils daughter. Or better known as MY boss." 

I sit there in utter confusion, I look back at forth between the two. I look down a bit and shake my head.

"Okay then...I'm not getting the joke. But whatever."

"It's not a "Whatever" Micheal, the reason why I came to you is because I knew you could help me and the major here." Noa say's sternly

"With what? Building a steam-powered tank? Been there, done that."

"It's not with a weapon Micheal." They both say

I give them a look, "With what then?"

"It's with saving the world..."

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