New era for a new age

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  • Published: 20 Dec 2016
  • Updated: 21 Jan 2017
  • Status: Complete
It is a new dawn for the 20th century, 2028 has just begun and steam-power has taken technology over. But, one day when the world is struck with a power crisis. The government seeks out for advanced inventors from all of the countries, it'll take four inventors with unlikely talents to save the whole world from this world wide problem.


8. Dream's can't be awoken


I groan from the sun's ray's shining through the window, I slowly open my eye's and sit up.

'Jeez....what hit me like a rock?' I think to myself.

I then have flash back's to last night. I blink a bit and blush hard from what happened, I groan louder then run my hand's down my face. When getting up, I see that the back door is still opened. I yelp and run over and close the door fast and lock it as well, slowly sliding down the door then hugging my legs and shaking a bit.

I slowly start to cry, 'Why am I acting like this? What's wrong with me?' I ask myself.

I jump when hearing a knock at the door, wiping the tears away and getting up. I slowly make my way to the door.

"Who is it?" I ask.

"It's the queen of England. Open up Micheal." I hear Frederick's voice.

I unlock the door and open up, Frederick and Noa come storming in. I sigh and turn to them.

"Well good morning to you too." I say tired and sarcastic.

"Now's not the time for jokes Micheal, did anyone come see you?" Noa ask's serious.

I blink a bit and nod, "Well...not this morning, but last nigh-"

"So she DID come here?" She ask's

I nod, Noa groans and grip's her hair. "No...No...NO!" she shout's.

"Why? I thought she is the fourth inventor." 

Noa glare's hard, "She WAS the fourth inventor. Key word: WAS." 

I look at her confused, "What do you mean?"

Frederick sigh's, "Taylor was the fourth inventor....until she...betrayed us.."

"Wait...WHAT!? She said that she was spying for you."

"Well for a spy she is a huge LIAR. She used our information to find the cure....Now Archer know's that we're after him." Noa say's 

"What are we gonna do?" I ask

" We are gonna make a new plan, but you Micheal. Need to stay here so that Taylor doesn't follow you...her kisses can track your soul." Frederick says

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