A Merry Little Christmas

So this movella is for the Christmas Advent Calendar. *completed*
Ron and Hermione just recently had there baby girl in August, then it's there darling's first Christmas. Also old Death Eater are starting all kinds of uprisings, and few are caught. Will London ever be the same again? Merry Christmas!����


7. Chapter 6

Today, Rose would be going to my mom's house to spend the day, because I was finally ready to go back to work from maternity lease. I work in the Auror department, but I do more of the paperwork instead of the capturing. And it appears that I'll have a lot of work on my hands after being gone for over three months. I packed a few diapers, her bottle with water, bottle mix, a blanket, some toys, and an extra change of clothes. I got Rose's car seat, and buckled her safely in. I grabbed her bag, and the seat, and the pulled out my wand. I'd decided to apparate there. Driving would take me at least thirty minutes to get to their house. We'd arrived at the Grangers as quickly as we vanished from my house. My mom greeted my at the door. She let me in, and I handed her Rose. She started to talk baby to her and she just gobbled it up.

"Hermione, she's grown so much!" My mom said.

"Yea, she's even starting to crawl now." I agreed. "I know I just got here, but I've have a lot of work to catch up on. I see you later," I said hugging my mom. I walked out the door, but I didn't get even a few steps before I blacked out.

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