A Merry Little Christmas

So this movella is for the Christmas Advent Calendar. *completed*
Ron and Hermione just recently had there baby girl in August, then it's there darling's first Christmas. Also old Death Eater are starting all kinds of uprisings, and few are caught. Will London ever be the same again? Merry Christmas!����


5. Chapter 5

It was the first day of December. The sky was a light gray, looking like it might muster up a few flurries. Me and Rose were sitting down(me holding her)watching the beautiful muggle lights, some were snowmen, deer, snowflakes... It was all so enchanting. Ron getting the ornaments out, and the white tree that I had gotten for our first Christmas together. After the tree was standing there, like a gigantic snowball, we strung the lights and plugged them up. It was first a white light, then it flickered to purple, then blue, and then the rest of the rainbow, then started again. Rose had begun to sorta "combat crawl" and slid across the floor to the tree. She sat up and touched on of the bulbs. Her eyes got so big when she saw the colors change. It couldn't be more perfect. After a few picture and bow ornaments later, Ron opens up the angel(that would go on top of the tree) and scooped Rose up. She held out her hands and Ron helped her hold the tree topper. He lifted her up and helped her set the angel carefully on the tree. While they were doing that, I took a few strands of extra lights, and draped them over the counter. Ron made his famous chocolate chip cookies and whipped up some eggnog(I made Rose a bottle of milk). We snacked on a few of those, curled up on the couch, watching my favorite muggle movie, Elf.

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