A Merry Little Christmas

So this movella is for the Christmas Advent Calendar. *completed*
Ron and Hermione just recently had there baby girl in August, then it's there darling's first Christmas. Also old Death Eater are starting all kinds of uprisings, and few are caught. Will London ever be the same again? Merry Christmas!����


4. Chapter 4

I awoke to a scream. A scream so pitched it could've busted my eardrum. I sprinted across the hallway, into the room where Ron was battling Lucius Malfoy. And he had a spider. "No!!!!!" I jumped in front of Ron and took the curse. I started shaking, and fell back on the floor.

* * * *

Tubes were probably the only thing that saved my life. I opened my eyes, once again, and Ron was holding my hands, tears glistening on his eyes, threatening to slid down his cheek. When he sees I'm awake, he loses it. He reached up and hugs my neck, while I stroke his cheek. After five minutes, I found out that Lucius wants Rose, and me, dead, because of us "ruining Ron's purity". "Where's Rose?" I asked, panicking.

"Don't worry, she's at The Burrow."

"We have to protect her. I don't care about me, Rose is still just an infant, she deserves to have a good future." I told Ron.

"I want you both. Always." Ron told me smiling. I smiled back, but then my smile dropped to the floor.

"I guess there's always that charm." He nodded.

"I'll talk to McGonagall." Then he left to go write a letter.

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