A Merry Little Christmas

So this movella is for the Christmas Advent Calendar. *completed*
Ron and Hermione just recently had there baby girl in August, then it's there darling's first Christmas. Also old Death Eater are starting all kinds of uprisings, and few are caught. Will London ever be the same again? Merry Christmas!����


2. Chapter 2

It was a long painful five hours. But my little Rose was finally here. My mom, Mrs. Weasley, and Ron, all stayed and comforted me. Ever since I felt that little kick, fear rose up inside me, and that could only be tamed by holding her. Ron sat in the hospital bed watching me hold her.

"She's beautiful, 'Mione. Just like you," he said as he kissed my head. I leaned into his chest, while he hugged me.

"Awwww! Hermione! She looks just like a Weasley!" Molly told me. I smiled tiredly.

"Yes, took after her father." Ron told us all, then we all laughed. Ginny burst into the room.

"Oh! I just couldn't wait a second longer!! Little Rose, you are just adorable." Ginny said.

"Thanks. Do you want hold her?" I asked.

"Yea, you know I do, Hermione." She smiled and walked over, her heels clonking on the floor. I handed her the small pink bundle, and she took her with care. Mrs. Weasley pulled up a chair for her, so she could sit down. "Hermione, I just idolize her! Albus and James will love her!" Ginny told us. Then we watched as our little girl saw us for the first time.

(A/N: Hey guys! I want to give a shoutout to @Vthepotterheadforlife for being awesome! Thanks, and Merry Christmas!🎁)

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