A Merry Little Christmas

So this movella is for the Christmas Advent Calendar. *completed*
Ron and Hermione just recently had there baby girl in August, then it's there darling's first Christmas. Also old Death Eater are starting all kinds of uprisings, and few are caught. Will London ever be the same again? Merry Christmas!����


12. Chapter 11

Tonight is Christmas Eve. All the kids were gathered around the tree, waiting for Grandma Weasley to speak. "Alright kids, today we will play "Dirty Saint"!" (Saint is what the Wizards call Santa.) All the kids squealed, while Moly and Arthur went and got twelve little presents. "Alright, Rose, you can go first since you're the youngest." Molly said. Rose waddled over, and grabbed a little box. She ripped the paper, and inside was a small golden snitch. She smiled, then laughed, turning it over in her hands. She loves Christmas. All the kids got a present, some stole, some chose from the pile.

"Who wants to help me make a Gingerbread house?" Arthur asked. All the kids screamed, "Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!" Arthur smiled. "Well come on then." They all went into the kitchen.

"So, what did you guys get for James and Albus?" I asked.

"We got James and iPad, and Albus a robotic dog. What about y'all?" Ginny said.

"Oh we got Rose a big teddy bear to sleep on, and cuddle with in her crib, and a lamp that makes different colored waves on the walls and ceilings."

"Wow that's neat." Ginny said.

"Yep." I answered. About an hour later the kids packed the Gingerbread house in and Mr. Weasley packed a plate of cookies and a tall glass of eggnog. They looked so proud, you couldn't help but smile. Tonight we stayed up till eleven-thirty, ten sent everyone to bed. Me and Ron stayed up till twelve, and when we climbed into bed, he said, "Merry Christmas sweetheart." Then he gave me a light kiss, and we happily drifted of to sleep with vision of sugarplums dancing through our heads.

(A/N: Thank you so much @romione4eva23!💗🦄 Your comment was so sweet🍰! Love all my fans!)

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