It's not easy being a highschool sophomore, dating the hottest guy in school, maintaining a dance scholarship, taking care of you eight year old sister, controlling magic powers, and keeping up a popularity facade......Elsie Jane has it tough enough, but when her family comes out of the woodwork asking for a huge favour Elsie has to decide between her normal life and her royal one.


1. Intro

Dear Readers,

You've heard the stories of the typical highschool romances, the head cheerleader falls in love with the star quarterback of the football team. Well this isn't one of those stories. It wasn't predestined fate or any astrology crap or anything like that it was just these two misfits who happened to meet in a history class. Sure I had liked him the moment he stepped in the door, but I didn't think his presence in my life would change anything other than my feelings towards my actual boyfriend. I was so wrong. With him came a lot more secrets, dangerous people, and oh yeah a crown.....I didn't ask for anything Jackson Snow may have brought into my life but now I don't know if I'd trade it for anything else in this world. Sigh. Well I might as well start at the beginning of my...I mean put story. Turn the page and take the journey with me.

Much love,

Elsie Jane Xavier

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