It's not easy being a highschool sophomore, dating the hottest guy in school, maintaining a dance scholarship, taking care of you eight year old sister, controlling magic powers, and keeping up a popularity facade......Elsie Jane has it tough enough, but when her family comes out of the woodwork asking for a huge favour Elsie has to decide between her normal life and her royal one.


4. Chapter 3

I stared at the gaping hole in the brick wall. I could see the outside world exposed through something clearer than a window. I could feel the raindrops on my hand, the wind in my hair, and the sunshine all my face without even having to leave my house. Our neighbours thought we were crazy for leaving an enormous hole in the back of our house. I didn't care. It gave me a new perspective towards natural beauty and as a dancer that was something I adored more than anything else in this world.

I turned away from the hole and stared at myself in the mirrors that panelled the wall. My red hair bounced up and down as I spun on my foot. Moving and swaying and turning. Allowing myself to dance freely. I closed my eyes as the music played in my head.

I lost my balance and fell on to my ankle as someone knocked on the previously locked door. I was all I could to keep from screaming in pain as I limped over to unlock the door. I held myself up against the door frame as I smiled down at my sister.

"There's someone at the door for you Elsie." She smiled "It's a boy." She whispered yelled trying not to laugh. I raised a quizzical eyebrow ruffling her hair, flashing her a sweet smile.

"Send him up Analeigh." And before I knew it she was racing down the steps talking to whoever was at the door. I stood in the door way for a moment more. I couldn't force myself to move. I watched as our....my guest came into view. It was Jackson.

"How....?" I started to walk towards him forgetting about my ankle until I put any pressure on it. I fell forward into Jackson's arms. I looked up into his midnight blue eyes as his arms gripped me tightly as if he set me down I would break instantly.

"Ummm hi..." he chuckled flashing me a goofy smile. I rolled my eyes and pulled myself up gripping his shoulder for balance as I put most of my weight on my good ankle.

"Problem snowflake?" He asked eyeing my ankle

"Sporting injury...." I said quickly

"You qualify dance as a sport?" Jackson raised his eyebrow quizzically

"How did you..?" I asked taken aback slightly did this boy know every detail of my life

"Relax snowflake I'm not a stalker. You're doors open." He sighed pointing towards my dance studio.

"Oh." I said feeling incredibly stupid as I felt my cheeks redden.

"Any particular reason you're here Jackson?" I groaned as I limped into my bedroom, stretching out on my bed. Propping my ankle up with a pillow.

"Here let me help with that." He said as he wrapped his hands around my ankle.

"Oh!" I gasped pulling away. "You're hands are freezing!"

"Just stay still Elsie. It'll help with the swelling. And too answer you're question, I just wanted to make sure you got home okay. You took are pretty hard hit in class." He said, his eyes completely focused on my ankle. His blistering cold hands wrapped firmly around it.

His eyes drift up to meet mine, his fingers brush across my face gently moving the hair out of my eyes. Our faces are only inches apart. I shiver from the cold drifting up my legs. I pull away, turning my face away from him.

"I think it's time for you to go, Jackson." I say softly. I feel him release my ankle and leave my room. I wince as he slams the door, leaving my house. I exhale deeply and bury my face into my pillows.

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