It's not easy being a highschool sophomore, dating the hottest guy in school, maintaining a dance scholarship, taking care of you eight year old sister, controlling magic powers, and keeping up a popularity facade......Elsie Jane has it tough enough, but when her family comes out of the woodwork asking for a huge favour Elsie has to decide between her normal life and her royal one.


3. Chapter 2

I woke up to the distorted sound of my name being called by the school nurse and a different voice one I barely recognized.

"Elsie? Elsie can you hear me?" The school nurse cooed, pressing a cold wash cloth to my forehead.

"Will you keep an eye on her please Jack? I need to take care of the other students." I heard the door shut and heard his voice again.

"Elsie Jane Xavier...." he whispered as he brushed the wet hair away from my face. My eyelids fluttered open at the sound of my full name. I never told anyone my last name. Ever.

"How did you....?" I tried to sit up but his strong hand forced me back down. I watched him as his fingers brushed lightly across my forehead.

"You do have quite a bump there." He laughs. I smack his hand away and glare harshly.

"You know last time I checked Savannah was laughing." I snapped, standing up and tossing the washcloth to the ground.

"You should really sit down." He persists gripping my shoulder. I shrug him off and start to walk away.

"Elsa. I know about you, I know about everything." He breaths.

I spin around, furious.

"You don't know anything about me!" I growl before storming out of the school.

I rode the train all the way to the edge of the city and got off. I watched it speed away into the sunset. I turned around gazing up at the vast mansion in front of me. I let out a deep sigh as I walked through the grand entrance.

"Elsie! Elsie, you're home!" I smiled as I heard that bright little squeal and my little sister Analeigh raced down the staircase and ran straight into my arms. She was eight. We were seven years apart, but honestly I had never felt this close to anyone before. She was born just before my mother and father died so I was left the house and her and while I do wish my parents were still alive to help or even just to see the kind of people we've become I wouldn't give her up for anything in this entire world. She looked just like my mother her red hair fell straightly down her back. Making it the easiest thing in the world to maintain. And her big green eyes had the ability to melt anyone's heart and get her exactly what she wanted. She was a tanner than I was, but it was impossible to deny the relation between us. My curly, wavy, whatever you want to call it....hair was cut short into a fiery red bob and eyes were electric blue. I never new why. No one else in my family, that I've met has blue eyes. My skin as light as the first snowfall of the winter. I was pretty, we were pretty. I sighed as I kissed Analeigh on the forehead before walking up the stairs and locking myself in a room.

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