Guards Forever

Based on a real story. The girl (Sirena) has so many options and paths to take. Hard choices come in the way. What will happen?


1. It all begins.

It all starts when I start legit stalking my friend on roblox (I follow him on game Klimpton). So he was always playing this lab game which I always came onto. I wasn't part of this group, in fact I was a hostile. I always used to break in although I'm on iPad I know skills! Anyways I broke in and one day they got me. Yeah I was in prison for over 3 months legit. Don't do drugs kids.

So as I was in prison I decided to join the group hoping they would let me out. Yeah no. So finally I was realised. Thanks no thanks. I finally obeyed the rules and all that. I was just stupid then (I still am now to be honest) I just didn't like rules. Stand on the stone you DIE that always happened to me. Anyways I started attending what were trainings to up my rank.

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