Found by my wolf

Caitlin is a ordinary girl..... well, that's what's she thinks. She was adopted when she was younger and now she want's to know about her past and every time she gets closer it gets more dangerous because someone is after her.
Hey guys,
so this is my first story on Movellas so i hope you will enjoy it.
i will try to post every weekend and i would love to hear what you think about it. Also my english isn't the best since i'm from Denmark :)


9. Chapter 9 - Welcome, Wolf

Chapter 9 - Welcome,  Wolf




We were told to go packing and then wait by the car. I hated the feeling of leaving. I was just about to feel at home, a home without my family.

“Cait! Stop zoning out. We need to get going if we are going to make it in time.” Nate made that annoyed look.

Elijah drove us out to the new place we were going to stay at. I didn’t know what was happening but somehow it felt surreal but also safe. I didn’t know what this residence had to offer us but it sounded like something good. We were many all in the same car; Elijah driving, Nate on the passenger seat and Caleb, Isabel and me in the back. I sat, playing with my necklace and looking out the window. One wanted to break the ice until Isabel stared; “are we still going to school too or only to this ‘training prison’.” I couldn’t help but start laughing.

“What is so funny?” I looked over at her. “We are on our way to a place who are teaching us how to protect our species, and you are thinking about school?” the guys started to laugh. “I’m not thinking about school… just about cheer practice and the upcoming game”. Nate answered her: ”yeah you are still going to your classes so don’t worry.” Isabel was way to happy about that if you had asked me.

The car stopped and we got out. And looked at a big white house. We got our bags and went straight to the front door. Elijah knocked on the door but no one answered the door. He knocked again but this time the door went up but no one was in there.  I pushed my way to the door and ran inside. It felt like the last time, where I found Karen and Jason. My heart was beating fast and I felt like I was going to panic but then someone grabbed my arm. I swung my arm trying to hit them but they were to fast. Soon I was knocked out, lying on the floor.

When I woke up I saw all my friends captured in the other side of the room with a tall women talking to them. “You are lying! You are not from the Baywood pack. You haven’t found Defensor Ab Lycanthrope.” She turned around so I could see her face. She whispered in the man’s ear to kill us. I yelled out so everyone could her me: “WAIT, IT’S TRUE! WE ARE FROM THE BAYWOOD PACK AND I’M DEFENSOR AB LYCANTHROPE!” she walked over to me with a smirk on her face. “You are not strong enough to be Defensor Ab Lycanthrope”. She signaled to the man, to kill us. “I can proof it! I’ll shift.” She made signal for the man to stop. “Okay, proof yourself or all of you is going to die.”

They released my friends. Nate and Elijah ran over to help me up. ”Are you okay?” Elijah looked concerned as he said it. “I’m fine, I’m more worried about shifting.” Nate let out a nervous grin. “You can do it, just like we practiced.” I got even more nervous. “It hasn’t ended well yet!” “Well, we just need it to now” Nate ran his hand through his her out of nervousness.

I went all through my head to remember how to shift. “I just need to become one with my wolf.” I kept saying that to myself but it didn’t seem to work. I started to realize that I had taken a bit to big to swallow. I felt like I was going to black out again. Before I went out again I felt a reassuring hand on my shoulder. Not a big hand. It was Isabel trying to comfort me. I turned around to hug her but it wasn’t her. It was somebody I didn’t know. She looked familiar but I still didn’t recognize her.

“Who are you?” I took a step back, not sure what this stranger was capable of. “I’m sorry for interrupting you, you just look like someone I used to know, or what she would have looked like.” The lady ran out of the room not knowing where to go.

The odd feeling in my stomach made me walk after the lady. Apparently I got lost and ran into Caleb. “Hey, I hope you aren’t nervous anymore, because we believe in you, me and Isabel. We will always be there to help if you need it, especially with all of this defending werewolves and other creatures.”

I began to cry. “Did I say something wrong?” I shook my head and wrapped my arms around him. “No, I just realized how much I missed having a family but you and Isabel are my new family.” He hugged me back. I ended the hug to wipe my eyes. He comforted me by brushing me shoulder and saying: ”It’s going to be fine”.

After that, the woman who tried to kill us all came to take me away. “It’s time”. She broke the perfect moment. I hoped that the fact that Isabel and Caleb believed in me would help me to clear my mind and shift.

She showed me into what looked like a barn but on the inside it was way more. It was a training room, but not what you will see it the gym. It was more of a werewolf training room, with big locks on the door. Probably to hold untrained wolves inside, wolves like me. I felt her pushing me further inside, locking the big doors on her way, so no one could get in… or out.

I could recognize some of the other wolves from when they had my friends and was told to kill them, but one of the others stands also out. The woman I felt like I knew, she was standing behind a man. He looked nervous and somehow it bothered me. The two of them held hands.

“Are you ready Cait?” Nate brushed my shoulder again. “What if I can’t do it?”  “Just relax and try to be one with your wolf.”

It always sounded so easy. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I felt all eyes at me. It was quiet. Suddenly I felt an energetic kick in my body. Like someone trying to take over me. I got scared and opened my eyes. I could see the others gasping and looking at me.

I heard the woman in charge: “Her eyes… they, are they glowing?” I looked down at myself, still in my human form. “What is happening to me?” I felt a sharp pain in my back that made me scream. “SOMEONE MAKE IT STOP!!” I fell to the ground seeing people get closer but stopping under the order from the woman in charge. “Stop! She needs to transform, she’s not done yet.”

I felt some kind of rage at her. Something was telling me to get rid of her; she was a threat to my friends and myself. I felt that suspicious feeling takeover my sanity. She had to go. The pain was gone, I felt ready to take her down. The feeling of my paws set off from the ground, running towards her, was indescribable. I overwhelmed her in the act of surprise, but sadly it wasn’t enough for a trained werewolf.

“You need to stop before anyone gets hurt, Caitlin!” I growled at her. She punched me off of her but I wasn’t done. Instinctively I used all my training on her but it still wasn’t enough. She overpowered me, holding my neck in a grip, ready to break my neck.

“STOP! YOU ARE HURTING MY BABY!” every thought running through my head, was gone. The voice, I suddenly recognize it from my past. I was from a woman calling me, her baby. I didn’t remember very much but the sound of her voice kept running through my head. I got calmer, calm enough to skim through the crowd of werewolves ready for everything.

The couple came running to kneel by my side. “Sweet Caitlin, you found us. We are right here, everything is going to be fine.” Somehow I felt their words made me turn back into a human. That was the first transformation I remembered and before it all went black I saw all of my friends and the couple standing around me.

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