Found by my wolf

Caitlin is a ordinary girl..... well, that's what's she thinks. She was adopted when she was younger and now she want's to know about her past and every time she gets closer it gets more dangerous because someone is after her.
Hey guys,
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8. Chapter 8 – Full Moon

Chapter 8 – Full Moon




I hated that I had to shift again. Everyone tried to tell how awesome it is, but I didn’t buy it. I had tried it before and the pain was excruciating. And I knew that it was because of the full moon forcing me because I couldn’t control my wolf, or so they say. I was trained to control it this time but every time I thought about it, my heartbeat would start to rise. Everybody kept telling me it was going to be ok and I really wanted to believe them so I did my best to prepare myself.

“Remember, do not fight against your wolf, but embrace it.” I rolled my eyes at him. Typical Elijah. He always had a spiritual opinion to everything. “Can’t we do something else today? We’ve trained this in days and its tonight. I need to do some research for my school presentation for tomorrow.” He rolled his eyes at me. “Why did you wait until last minute?” I opened my laptop and looked up at him. “Because we train all the time and its not easy talking about werewolves in front of your class when you recently learnt you are one and it is weird when it is about Defensor Ab Lycanthrope.” He looked down on my screen and then at me. “Why is this your topic? Did you choose it?” I looked at him. He didn’t look like himself; he was even more serious than normal. He looked like it life or death. “Relax I didn’t choose Torres gave everyone a different topic.”

He tried to look understanding but he didn’t even blink. Like somebody’s life depended on it. He smiled like it didn’t matter and he helped me with it, found sites and books I could read.

It felt a little weird afterwards with Elijah. He was weird all day so I tried to avoid him after he helped me. I went for a run in the woods since I didn’t have anything else to do and it was nice, the silence, just me, running in the woods. the only sound came from my breathing, and from birds and squirrels and stuff. I began to run faster and faster until I realized it was about to get dark and then I rushed home. I needed to get ready for my shift. I didn’t no if I was excited or terrified.

As I came home I went straight to my room to take a shower and met Caleb on my way up. “Hey Cait, ready for the big shift?” I felt weird when I said shift. It sounded so wrong in a way I didn’t know how. “I guess. I hope it doesn’t hurt so much this time.”

I walked past him quick and on to my shower. I closed the door and took off my training cloth. I turned up the hot water and jumped in. It was refreshing and awakening. As I rapped the towel around my body, the door went up. “What is taking so long? Wow...” I turned around finding Nate drooling over me. “I’m on my way, geez give a girl some space.” He let out a little giggle and looked at me with a flirtatious smirk. I literally had to push him out of the room.

I threw a shirt and some pants on and rushed out to find Nate. I didn’t know if it was because he looked for me or because I was mad at him for barging into my room. I found him in the living room and as soon I sat my foot the room he pulled my wrist and ran down some stairs down to the basement and into a room that looked like a dungeon. Only Elijah, Nate, Cain and me were inside. “Caitlin, it is almost time, I am going to lock the with you and the boys inside. I will step in if anything goes wrong but you will be fine.”

I nodded and looked at Nate, standing beside me, still holding my wrist. He looked me in the eyes and squeezed my hand. There was a little window, I walked over to it and looked at the sky. The moon was clear and full. It was the full moon, my full moon.

Suddenly I felt that strange feeling again. My wolf was pulling to the surface. Fell backward and as soon as I touched the ground, Nate and Elijah were by my side.

“Are you okay?” Nate removed some hair from my face. “It’s my wolf, I can’t hold it in.” Nate helped in over on all four. “You can’t hold it in, let it out, don’t fight against it, and let it out.” I let out a scream that ended up as a howl. This time it didn’t hurt as much but it wasn’t pleasant. One of the differences was that this time I had some control, just not enough. Nate and Elijah stood in the other end of the dungeon, watching my every move.

I approached them with a growl. They tried to talk to me but it was like I didn’t recognize them. The thing that stopped me was the sweet scent coming from one of them, it didn’t know which one of them but it was the best smell I had ever smelled. It was drawing me towards them. I had stopped growling at them when I got close.

I carefully sniffed first at Elijah but then I realized it wasn’t him, it was Nate. I slowly walked over in front of him and took a deep breath and then I stepped back. I felt my wolf pulling away and I let it. I went back to my human form lying on the floor. I felt Elijah checking me if I was alive, thank god I was.

I felt Nate’s arms around me, lifting me from the ground and out of the dungeon. He carried me through the house and in to my room. He laid me on my bed and sat by my side. I didn’t know what state my mind was in and that seemed to worry Nate. I felt asleep but at the same time wide awake. Cain and Elijah came inside the room, looking at Nate and me. Cain took a step towards us.

“Nathaniel, we need to talk, now.” Nate nodded and squeezed my hand. Then he left to talk with his father and Elijah outside of the room. It was kind of a shame because I really wanted Nate here. I could here them talking about what happened. “We need help someone that can help her, someone who deals with training of wolfs more than us, someone who knows what to do at this state.” Elijah looked cold and serious. Nate sounded a little nervous: ”we need to help her, she needs a family and friends, not some personal trainers.”

Cain laid he’s hand on Nate’s shoulder. “There is not much we can do anymore, we need to find something who can.” Nate sighed. “I’m going to make some calls, you stay with her and mindlink me when she wakes up.” He came back inside and sat down beside me.

He sat there for hours until he fell asleep beside me. I slowly regained my strength to move and I slowly stroked he’s hair. I didn’t want to wake him so at some point I fell asleep myself. For the first time I actually slept

I woke up to find Nate by my side. This time he was holding around me. I was facing his chest. I felt warm and safe in a way I had never experienced. At some point I woke up and looked around the room. I faked sleeping and he didn’t notice. He stroked some hair away from my face and lay down again, cuddling with me. I could lie there all day long but at some point, we got up and without a word I went to take a shower and he walked out from my room.

After my shower I went downstairs to find Isabel, Caleb, Nate, Elijah and Cain in the kitchen. “What I going on?” I walked inside and sat on the kitchen table. “Caitlin, we need to talk. All of you are going on a mission or a training camp with somebody that can help you the shifting better than we can.” I under stood why I had to leave but not the others. “I understand, but why all of us. It’s just me who need practice, right?” Cain walked up closer and shifted into a more serious version of himself. “If you are going to live up to your destiny you need all of the help and training you can get.” I nodded end looked down into the floor. “When are we leaving?” “Tonight.”

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