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Caitlin is a ordinary girl..... well, that's what's she thinks. She was adopted when she was younger and now she want's to know about her past and every time she gets closer it gets more dangerous because someone is after her.
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7. Chapter 7 - Defensor Ab Lycanthrope

Chapter 7 - Defensor Ab Lycanthrope



I thought about what he said and without a word I stormed of the office and straight to my room. I came back with the letter in my hand and my necklace on. Cain read it and looked up at me. “May I see the necklace?” I gently and slowly took it of and gave it to Cain. “Please be careful, it’s the only thing I have left.” He took some pictures on he’s phone and I got it back. I putted it on again.  “You two need to get some sleep, you have school tomorrow morning. I will look in to this.” I nodded and went back to my room to get some sleep.

I was early up in the morning, of course without any sleep that night. I went down for some breakfast but ended up with only an apple. What I didn’t see was that Nate was standing behind me, reached over to grab another apple. “Do you want a lift to school?” I looked at him taking a bite of the apple. I didn’t know what he did to me but he made everything look sexy. “Sure, I don’t have any other way over there.” He led out a little laugh that made my whole body shiver. We jumped out in the car and drove to school, my “favorite” place.

As soon as we got there I rushed out of the car, looking after someone to recognize but unfortunately I couldn’t. Nate locked the car and we went to the school reception. I got my schedule and went straight to the biology class, my getaway. I have always been great at biology.  I had always been good at biology, like really good. There was always something about it.

“Okay students, welcome back, I hope you had a great holiday and we have a lot to do this year. First of all we have a new student, Caitlin Snow?” I looked up at her, my new teacher. She was tall with black hair and glasses. She was beautiful. I walked up beside her and looked out on my class. “Hi, I’m Caitlin, I just moved here and I like sports and reading.” I looked up at the teacher as pulled her hand out in front of me. “I’m very pleased to meet you Caitlin, I’m Ms. Torres, and you may take a seat.” I walked down and sat by my self. I looked down at my schedule and read the days classes. Biology, history, religion, sports… Biology went by and so did history. In religion we had the same teacher as in biology, Ms. Torres. She was oddly cool for a teacher.

“This semester, we will cut more in to mythology and superstition.” Some random kid raised his hand: ”Like what for an example?” Ms. Torres walked through the class and sat on the side of his table. “What do you think when I say mythology and superstition?” The guy looked kind of uncomfortable. “I don’t know, that’s why I asked.” She kept looking him but then she walked back to the blackboard. “When I say vampire and werewolves and witches, what do you say?” Some snobby girl raised her hand. “Twilight and Teen Wolf.” Most of the class giggled a little, but not me. I knew the truth.

“Its not all wrong what Jemma is saying; we are digging into the history of magical creatures of someone’s believes.” Ms. Torres made everything sound exciting. “You are each getting a topic, or I should say a different story, myth or prophecy. By the end of this class I will post a list of which topic you have.”

As the class was done I walked over to the poster as the last one in the class. “Defensor Ab Lycanthrope.” I couldn’t help it but to say it out loud. ”Yes, the great myth of ‘The Defender of Werewolves.’ It is also called ‘The White Protector of Wolves’ I turned around to see Ms. Torres standing behind me. “If you need help I know quite a lot about this particular myth and.” I didn’t know how to react because I knew that it was about someone like me, a white werewolf. Like she knew.

At lunch break I sat with Isabel and Caleb. ”Hey, how is your first day going?” I looked up at Caleb after his question. “It’s weird. You know Ms. Torres? She is teaching us about supernatural creatures.” Isabel took a bite from her banana. “So?” I looked down to my plate. I forgot that I haven’t told them about what had happened with me learning about werewolves and the White wolf. “It’s just new to me with werewolves and all.” I took a bite from my apple.

In my last period I had sports. We were supposed to run labs but it wasn’t that bad since I had all of that training through summer break. I had learned a lot since I got here. About my new life but I knew I had so much more to learn about werewolves and I also knew soon I had to learn about fighting. Nate and Elijah kept telling me I was a fast learner but that was only because I didn’t know what to do with myself. All I did was training.

After school I drove home with Isabel. “So, something you want to do?” I looked at Isabel. “Like what?”

“I don’t know. We should do something together.” I glanced over at the window. “Maybe not today, I have training with Nate.” Isabel started to laugh. “He is still at football practice. Ok hear is what we will do, tomorrow the cheerleaders have auditions and we are going to get on the team.” I started to laugh big time. “I don’t think I’m the cheering type.”

“Come on it will be fun! We can practice some moves until Nate is home, please it could be so fun.” She started to whine like a little dog and I couldn’t stop laughing because it sounded so real. Maybe because it is, she is after all a werewolf. “Okay! But you owe me one.”

We went into the packhouse and down to the training room. I went there all the time because of my training. I wasn’t good enough to train with the others yet.

“So, first I will show some of the things I know and then it’s your turn.” I responded with a nod. She slowly putted her hands in the floor and lifted herself up in a handstand. She flopped the other way around in some sort of flip and then she made a cartwheel and then a handspring. I knew all of this because I used train this kind of stuff. I loved to jump around on the mattresses but I lost the interest some year’s back. Of course no one knew at least anyone who’s alive.

I put my hair up in a ponytail and then I took a run-up into a flip-flop into a handspring and at last a backflip. I didn’t land very well but that’s okay. “Wow, when did you learn that?” I walked over beside Isabel. “When I was younger I loved gymnastics, but I quit a few years back.” Isabel laid her hand on my back and in that moment Nate came in. “wow, it’s seems like you already warmed up.” Isabel took that as a sign to leave. Nate came closer. “I think you are ready to learn how to fight, and we can definitely use some of those moves too.” I didn’t know why but whenever he talked to me I began to blush. We took place in the middle of the room where he told me to attack him. I took a punch but before I knew it, he dodged my move and somehow he held my arm, turned me around so he had he’s arm around my throat and my bag was pinned up against his chest.

He whispered in my ear: “I have so much you need to learn if you are going to be the next Defensor Ab Lycanthrope.


i am so sorry it took so long for me to write this chapter but in the past days a lot has happened and i have been very busy... sorry again and i hope you guys will like it :)

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