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Caitlin is a ordinary girl..... well, that's what's she thinks. She was adopted when she was younger and now she want's to know about her past and every time she gets closer it gets more dangerous because someone is after her.
Hey guys,
so this is my first story on Movellas so i hope you will enjoy it.
i will try to post every weekend and i would love to hear what you think about it. Also my english isn't the best since i'm from Denmark :)


5. Chapter 5 - A New Beginning


I didn’t say a word on the ride home. I felt to damaged to say anything. Isabel held my as Caleb drove. When we got there most of the pack was outside waiting on us. Isabel or Caleb must have mindlinked them. Wolves I have spoken with opened the door and Isabel didn’t let me go at any time. It was good since I couldn’t stand on my feet from the shock and grief. I felt so lost, so broken.

Cain approached us. "I'm so sorry Caitlin. Nobody should go through what you just have experienced. " I had stopped crying. I didn't want to seem weak in front of anyone in the pack. "I know it is much to ask but I don't have anyone else to go to." He nodded to agree with me. "Is it possible for me to stay here?" Isabel's hug got tighter as Alpha Cain said: "of course, you are always welcome here. Think of it as your new home. Isabel took me to the room I had slept in, in the time I was hurt. This time without machines that made it look like a hospital. "Thank you, Isabel." She smiled sadly as she walked out of the room. I sat down on the bed and started to cry again. I hated I didn't have anybody to turn too.

I looked down at my clothes and saw them full of blood, Jason’s blood. I didn’t like the though that it was my fault, his blood on my hands. I went to the bathroom to wash it of. I went into the shower and saw the blood slipping out of my fingers. Like him leaving me all over again. I swiped the blood away, washed my body and went to bed.

As the sun and moon went up and down I didn’t sleep at all. Not that I’m not used to it but this time is different. My whole life has chanced. My family is dead and I’m no longer me, or what I called it. The strangest thing is I’m not as broken down as I thought I would be, at least the new me isn’t. The old me died with my family. My new life was supposed to begin this day.

I chose to get up early and went down to get some breakfast but as I got down I realized I wasn’t the only one having that idea. A tall muscular guy was standing at the fridge. Without a shirt! As the turned around I knew I had to stop stare before he noticed so I grabbed and apple from the counter.

“Hey Caitlin, why are you up so early?” I looked over at him. I have never seen anything so perfect. His shiny fawn hair and THE bluest eyes I have ever seen. “How do you know my name?” he laughed and made the sexiest smirk ever. “Everyone in the pack knows who the new girl is.” I started to blush. “And especially when a hot girl turns up with blood on her clothes.” My red cheeks got normal as I looked down in the ground. “Whose blood is it? If it is okay I ask.” I got mad, even though he is hot as hell. “How would you feel if anybody came and asked you how you got the blood of your family on your hands and you don’t know who did it or why, if you only was there to see them die.” I felt the tears dripping their ways down my cheeks. “I didn’t ask to be here but I don’t have any choice, so please leave me alone from now on.”

I ran out of the door and into the woods. I felt like I needed to get away, away from that place where I don’t belong. I thought this was I new start for me but I don’t get it. How could anybody especially me, get a new chance. If anybody should have it, it should be Jason and Karen. I fell down on my knees and started to cry. I didn’t get why anybody had to kill them for me.

After I got it all out of my system I went back to the packhouse to find Isabel and Caleb. They were my only friends here but that is okay because they are all I need. On the way back I met the douche from earlier but ignored him, as I didn’t have anything to say to him. I got to Isabel’s room but she wasn’t there. Then I went to Caleb’s but neither was he. I got confused as I realized that I was almost alone in the house so I went down to Alpha Cain’s office to ask what was going on.

“Hi Alpha, I was just wondering where everyone is?” He looked over at me with deadly serious eyes. “Hi Caitlin, that actually something we have to discuss. Everyone is at training, and I was thinking that you would have to start soon.” I didn’t actually know what that meant but I was dying for something to do. “Okay sir, but what do you mean with training?” I looked out in the air like he as thinking what to say but I’m not sure. He just smiled at me as he said: “training is two different things. First one is physical training as how to shift and how to fight. The second is more about how to be a werewolf and werewolf history and prophecies.” I nodded and I only had one question. “Who is going to train me?” Before he could answer me, someone knocked on the door. First Elijah came but behind him came the douche from earlier. “Ahhh boys, as you know this is Caitlin.” Both guys looked at me and sent me a greeting smile. The douche looked just a little ashamed from our talk earlier. Alpha Cain was standing behind them and putted a hand on each of their shoulders. “This is your new teacher, Elijah and Nathaniel. They are going to switch to teach all of the basics until you can be trained with the other new wolfs.” I didn’t feel very safe or comfortable with any of them so that was going to be fun.

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