Found by my wolf

Caitlin is a ordinary girl..... well, that's what's she thinks. She was adopted when she was younger and now she want's to know about her past and every time she gets closer it gets more dangerous because someone is after her.
Hey guys,
so this is my first story on Movellas so i hope you will enjoy it.
i will try to post every weekend and i would love to hear what you think about it. Also my english isn't the best since i'm from Denmark :)


3. Chapter 3 - A White Werewolf

Chapter 3 - A White Werewolf



“He’s a what? I’m a what? WHAT?” My eyes switched looking between Isabel and Elijah.

Elijah switched back to his human form and walked closer. He reached out to help me up, but I felt scared. “Are you going to hurt me?” I asked nervous but seriously. He started to laugh. “Why would I hurt you?” he looked down with his seductive eyes. “I don’t know, why would you chase me through the woods?” he wasn’t laughing anymore but serious. He took my arms and lifted me up. As soon as I was standing I tried to walk further away but Elijah wasn’t letting go of my arms. He held me closer and whispered into my ear: “you think I was trying to hurt you, but I’m not. I’m only trying to do what I’ve been told.” I looked down at me feet. “Who would tell you to chase me out in the woods?” Elijah walked inside the house. Isabel walked behind me, showing the way after him, into the house. We walked into a room looking like an office. A man fawn-greyish hair sat with what looked like paperwork. As soon as he saw us walking in he came over in front of me.

“Welcome Caitlin, I’m Cain, the Alpha of this pack.” He had brown eyes. He guided me too a seat as he told Isabel and Elijah to go. “I know all of this is hard to digest and you have to trust us and I know it is hard but we are going to take care of you and we are going to train you.” I looked up at him. “Train me for what, to become a wolf? A monster? No thanks.” He looked more serious than before. “Werewolves aren’t monsters if trained right. If you not train it, it will become your own nightmare, a killer.” I clenched my fists. “How come I never known I was a werewolf?” I got angry but mostly with myself for not knowing what was going on.  “A werewolf does first shift after it’s 16th birthday and as I understand that means you are about to turn for the first time tonight.” He looked more worried than serious now. “We can help you through with it, teach you how to control it.” I walked over to the window to see Elijah training others in what looked like some kind of combat skills. “I want to go home. Karen and Jason are probably worried sick.” He walked over and stood behind me. “I want you to think about my offer. Elijah will take you home and make sure you don’t hurt anyone tonight.” I felt weird by that sentence. How could I hurt anyone?

We walked outside where Elijah was training. He was fighting with one of the others, not as a wolf but as human. It looked very real. “He’s good right? He’s one of the best in the pack.” I looked at the guy that was talking to me.

“I’m Caleb.” “Hi I’m Caitlin.” I looked at him as he was concentrating about the fight. He had blond hair and brown eyes. “What?” he looked a little confused at me. “Nothing, do you know when he’s done? You know, Elijah.” As I asked Elijah was walking closer. “I think he’s done now.” Caleb led out a little grin as he walked away. “Cain said you were going to get me home.” I tried not to look at Elijah but it was hard. Why did he have to be shirtless? He was also sweating from training. “ I am just going to take a shirt on and then we are going.” I nodded and when he got back I walked over to the garage. “Where’s the car?” Elijah pulled out keys from his pocket and we jumped into a blue pickup truck and drove out into the woods.

There was silence in the car, not one of us was saying a word until I asked him: “How is it to be a wolf?” He looked over at me and started to smile. “It’s like the world stops when you shift and all your worries disappear, but not the first time.” He stopped smiling. “That felt like I was going to die from al of that pain.” I looked at the road at the road. I was home.

“Thanks for the ride.” I said sarcastic. I shot the door to the car and went for the house. Elijah rolled the window down before I went into the house. “Hey, I’ll be back when you need my help.” I rolled my eyes and turned around to say something sassy but he had already driven away. I got more and more irritated by him but all I could think about was all that had happened through the day.

As soon as I sat my foot inside of the house, Jason and Karen heard me. They ran out and hugged me so I almost couldn’t breath. Karen looked worried, confused and happy at the same time. “Where have you been, we’ve been so worried!” She held me so tight I didn’t think that she was ever letting me go ever again. “It doesn’t matter, I’m just happy to be home again.

Later on we went back to normal, like the morning has never been. Like I never met the wolf before. Or maybe I should say Elijah.

I couldn’t sleep, but I didn’t feel like normal. My body started to feel strange, like it wasn’t under my control anymore. Somehow I felt like I couldn’t breath anymore so I grab my jacket and my shoes and went outside. I ran, as fast as I could. I ran until I found a clearing where I collapsed on the ground of pain. My body ached of pain, the way my bones switched position, breaking on the way. As I couldn’t hold it in anymore, I screamed as loud as possible but it sounded more like a howl from a wolf.

I the pain slowly stopped, I didn’t feel like myself, but more like I animal. I followed my new instincts and that was to follow sounds and smells. I ran and ran until I met a river, where I drank and held a break from running. I looked down at my own reflection. At first I was scared but I realized of beautiful my wolf looked. White, all white with my normal eyes, but shinning more than ever. I heard some noises and as they got closer I got ready to fight, two unfamiliar wolves. It not like I have met that many wolves but something tells that these wolves aren’t the ones you become friends with.

As they got closer I felt my heart started to beat faster so I tried to look for an escape route but there weren’t any. The wolves started to attack me as I was cornered up at the river. I felt claws and canines through my new white fur coat as it turned red. Why did it hurt so much? Why did they do this to me? I’ve seen movies about werewolves and they didn’t look as brutal. I don’t know if it was I howling or somebody else but it made them stop. I realized that it wasn’t me when I heard a growl from the other side of the river and somehow the wolves stopped. As I fell to the ground a fawn wolf almost gold wolf flew over my head and started to attack my attackers. It felt like he was protected me but that wouldn’t give any sense because I don’t know that many wolves so I think that rules out that option. The way my gold wolf rescuer was fighting, you could see how trained he was and how strong he was. What am I thinking! Maybe my gold wolf is a girl! My eyes started to get heavy and I slowly drifted away into darkness.

I woke up in the same bed I left the day before but not with same injury. I felt my whole body ached of pain and as I looked around in the room I saw Isabel standing next to a machine and a blood bag. As soon as she saw I was awake she looked happy as she looked at a screen for something and then back at me as she said: “Hey, long time no see!”

Isabel tried to look happy as she looked at all my injuries but it’s not easy to hide when you see so much damage to one person. “Hey at least I’m alive, right?” She couldn’t help it so she led out a little giggle. “One thing do bother me, how did I get here?” she looked down at her feet and was know looking very serious. “We brought you back from the woods as our doctors looked at your injuries but I don’t know how you exactly got here, I’m sorry.” I couldn’t do anything as I kept thinking about how those wolves kept hurting me and how the gold wolf saved me.

“Who is the gold wolf?” Isabel looked me in the eyes as the door went up and Cain walked in. “I’m glad to see you are alive but I have something important to tell you.” I nodded at him and Isabel walked out. Cain walked closer to the bed and he looked serious at me. “I’ve talked to your family and I told them about you getting hurt and they agreed with me that you have to stay here so we can help you.” All at the same time I felt angry, sad but relived. I knew I needed help to get my wolf under control. Even if I weren’t in my wolf form I could feel it. It’s emotions, it’s instinct but mostly it’s thoughts. “Okay, but there is something I need to know. Who was the one that saved me?” Cain looked out of the window and said: “you will meet him soon.”

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