Fear of the Unknown

Have you wondered what's after life what's next, someone must want to find out but only Seth wants to know and he finds out how to look into what's next and how to get there but when he reveals it the world it breaks into havoc all because of one thing.Fear.


2. Chapter 2:A baffling Breakthrough

It was an ordinary Saturday night still trying to get in. Suddenly all the screens in the lab start to glow a blinding white, then the darkness envelopes and images swarm my eyes but yet they are closed they are of me and things are happening yet they haven't happened in my life: a car crash a coma and depression. What this means I have no clue. Then my eyes open and me Lola, Jake and Emilie are in a beautiful garden, it looks like something out of a painting, the smell of green fills my nose and the taste of blue spreads across my tongue like a bush fire but seconds later it's over we're back in the lab,this really was a baffling breakthrough. Now we only have to find out how we got in it a way in.

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