Fear of the Unknown

Have you wondered what's after life what's next, someone must want to find out but only Seth wants to know and he finds out how to look into what's next and how to get there but when he reveals it the world it breaks into havoc all because of one thing.Fear.


1. Chapter 1:The Beginning Of The End

Another day trying to find the way in, but so far there has been no luck, 5 months ago I started to wonder what was next what this, what life was all about, why do we have have to be good what's our reward that's how the beginning of the end started.

Chaos that's what my lab is like at the moment it's only me and my 4 friends, it's a mass of computers and wires all caused by four 19 year olds.I sip my red bull and get back to the computer, I've almost done it, almost got inside of what happens next I have a feeling that I've almost done it, we just have to hope and continue working.

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