Star-Crossed - A Supernatural Fan-Fiction

I don't want to spoil the surprises. Just trust me in this one, you'll want to read this.


1. Introduction - Saving People, Hunting things; The Family Business

Dean leaned up against the back of his sleek midnight-black vintage impala, flipping through the pages of John Winchesters journal, rubbing his chin ever so often to satisfy the itch feeling from the small hairs that were starting to form. Inside the car, Sam was looking over a map. Dean cleared his throat, "Hey, I Think I've got something, Sammy." Sam put down the map, and swiftly opened the car door, and met Dean on the back of the car. "Check this out." Dean says, pointing to the page he was glancing on. "A Fata?" Sam said, puzzled. "Yeah. They are like Demon Fairy type things, but uh they are pretty hard core." Dean trails off. Sam goes into deep thought for a quick second, until Dean snaps him back to reality. "Do you think this..fata.. thing could have killed Aaron Madurese?" Sam asks, while following Dean as Dean gets in the car. "Probably." Dean said, smirking. "Probably? Really Dean." Sam says, annoyed. "Hey, We've looked into less." Dean smiles, and starts the car. "To Shay." Sam says, and sinks into his seat in defeat. After driving for a few hours, Sam had fallen asleep. Dean glanced over at his brother and chuckled. "Hehe Remind me not to let you drive at night, Sammy. Not that I would let you drive my baby anyway." At this snide comment, Sam woke up. "Good Morning Sleeping Beauty." Dean teased. "Shut up." Sam says. Sam and Dean drive by the sign that makes them aware that they've arrived in Nevada. "Oh no. The last time we were in Vagas, you spent all our money on poker tournaments, and you were all over that blonde bar tender." Sam reminds Dean. Dean makes a face that shows Sam he was proud of what he had done. "Oh Chill out. We are here on business this time. You know, might I remind you. Saving people, hunting things, the family business." Dean rambles, just to Annoy Sam. "Whatever. Just remember that I'm not paying your bill if you pass out drunk again." Sam lectures. Dean just laughs. "Okay Sammy." Sam rolls his eyes. 

"So what makes you think that this thing is a Fata? And more importantly, how do we kill it?" 

Dean looks over at Sam really fast, and rubs his chin; "Well, Fata is latin for fairies, and fairy lure is known all around the world. Well, Aaron Mauderes was found dead in his apartment with two deep cuts on his back exactly three and a half inches apart, and it looks like..." Sam finishes the sentence; "That the back was cut to make it look like wings were there." 

"Exactly." Dean says. "So how do we kill it?" Sam buds in. "Still working that part out." Dean replies. Sam smirks; "Of course." 

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